Young country diary: The predator will have its prey

It all started when I was bouncing on the trampoline with my brother Owen. Suddenly we saw three red kites, soaring round and round above us! They were so close, you could see the red on them. Then our little sister, Ffion, came out carrying a woodlouse in the palm of her hand. She had had six pet woodlice, but had lost five somewhere in the house. “Owen, Gwenny, I’ve…” Stopping mid-sentence, she gaped at the sky. She opened her mouth and cried: “Mummy! There are three. Red. Kites. In. Our. Garden!”

It was a majestic sight. The birds had black-tipped wings and their tails were in the shape of a fan. One of them looked as though it had been in a scuffle, as it had a few feathers missing from its wings and swooped less elegantly than the rest. Another one, my favourite, had a beautiful red body and a gleaming white head. One flew into a tree. We heard a loud squawk. The red kite came out of the tree holding a chick in its talons.

All the time, William – my little brother – had been watching a spider making its web. Whether big or small, a predator will have its prey.
Gwennan, nine




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