Woman stabs husband and tells police ‘I admit it all’, footage shows

Footage showing a retired accountant telling police she hoped her “bullying” husband could not be saved after she stabbed him to death – before asking officers to fetch her coat – has been released.

Penélope Jackson, 66, is seen telling officers “I admit it all”. She says her husband, former army Lt Col David Jackson, 78, is on the kitchen floor of their bungalow in Somerset. Jackson says “there’s nothing nasty” before adding: “With any luck you’ll be too late.”

Later Jackson responds with “oh good” after she is told she is being arrested for murder. When she is informed she has to have her temperature taken, she tells an officer: “That would be just really great, get Covid on top of this.”

A jury at Bristol crown court has been told Jackson stabbed her husband to death in the kitchen of their bungalow in Berrow in February. She has admitted manslaughter but denied murder. en un 999 call that has been played to the jury, he can be heard screaming as a knife is allegedly driven into him.

Part of the recording was released at the conclusion of the prosecution case.

Jackson can be heard telling the call handler: “I might go and stab him again.” The call handler asks her not to, and Jackson goes on: “I am compos mentis … I am in the lounge, he is in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck.”

She tells the call handler: “You’re not paid enough to deal with this. It’s not fair.” He tells her “we need to help him”, but she refuses. Asked how many times she stabbed him, Jackson says once. “And then he said I wouldn’t do it again, so I did it twice more.”

Jackson also says she thought she had stabbed her husband in the heart, but adds: “Well he hasn’t got one.” She says she stabbed him twice in the abdomen.

Police rushed to the house and bodycam footage shows her outside telling officers: “He’s on the kitchen floor. There’s nothing nasty,” adding: “With any luck you’ll be too late.” An officer calls out: “Get the ambulance in pronto – we need CPR.” Jackson says: "No, no, no, please don’t,” and adds that she “should have stabbed him a bit more”.

She is cold and asks for a coat. “I have no intention of not agreeing to what I have done," ella dijo. “I know what I have done and I know why I’ve done it and if I haven’t done it properly I’m really annoyed.”

Jackson adds: “I stabbed him … He’s an aggressive bully and nasty and I’ve had enough.”

At the start of her defence, Jackson told the jury her husband was so jealous when they first met she got “property of David Jackson” tattooed on her bottom. She claimed his jealousy would often lead to outbursts of violence and she said she went to extreme lengths to try to reassure him.

Ella añadió: “He was so jealous. I wanted to reassure him so I tattooed ‘Property of David John Jackson’. I wanted to stop the constant jealousy. He was very pleased and thought it was a very nice Christmas present.”

Jackson told the jury her previous husband, Alan, had killed himself after she admitted an affair with David Jackson.

She said David Jackson’s jealousy persisted and told the jury about one incident in 1996 when he took an axe to their furniture. “The dining room was smashed to pieces. He used an axe. The sofas in the sitting room were all slashed and he chopped all the furniture up. I was baffled more than anything.”

Before the defendant gave evidence, her lawyer, Clare Wade QC, dicho: “This case is about domestic abuse, control and ultimately entrapment. Domestic abuse is not physical all of the time.”

Wade said the 999 call played to the jury was evidence of her client “losing her self-control because of the way she had been treated”.

Ella añadió: “Not just on that day but over a far, far longer period of time. This marriage lasted 24 years up until the time Mr Jackson was killed.”

She described what happened on the night of 13 February as the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. Ella añadió: “She lost control and stabbed her husband. She did not intend to kill him or cause serious harm. As she said to call handler, it seemed like a drastic solution, but she also said ‘I’ve had enough.’

“She lost all ability and sense of self and identity by the time she lashed out at David. She knew where she was going but said: ‘My life in prison is preferable to what it was now’.”

Wade said the defendant had a “distorted sense of loyalty and need to protect others”, which was why she never revealed the extent of her abuse. “Just because there is no history of police call outs does not mean Penelope Jackson was not being abused.”

El juicio continúa.




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