Why the Guardian is a paper worth waiting for – and sticking with

When I was a little girl living in Truro in the 1950s, my parents couldn’t afford a daily paper. 하나, Truro City Library held an auction each year to sell off all the periodicals they had had for their readers.

My dad, a Manchester man, always bid for the Manchester Guardian and Punch magazine, and used to “collect” the precious papers each weekend (편지, 27 4 월).

When I asked what was the point of having the paper so late, I was told that the Manchester Guardian had much more in it than just the news, and that one day I would appreciate that. I soon did, I do now, and have done for many decades.

I’ve included my maiden name as I have already been found by two old friends via my Guardian letters, and hope that my maiden name might find some more (편지, 20 4 월).
Sally Smith (née Wiseman)
Redruth, Cornwall

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