Why didn’t Jet2 warn us our holiday was about to expire?

We booked a holiday tour to Tenerife from Edinburgh with Jet2 in early 2021, which because of Covid was switched to September 2021. 하나, that trip too was cancelled (by us) and at the time we accepted a voucher to the value of £1,654 – the cost of the original trip, minus the £200 upgrade cost.

Last week I tried to use the voucher to book a new trip, only to be told it had expired. It turns out that it had an expiry date of just six months. This seems very harsh to me. It had only expired 16 days before I tried to use it – but the company is refusing to budge. We received no warning that it was due to expire. Is this fair?

GB, Edinburgh

Jet2 was one of the few travel firms to emerge from the last two years with its reputation intact, and was frequently praised by customers during the pandemic. 하나, this does feel rather harsh.

In this case you opted to cancel the trip, as was permitted by the travel firm. You are 79 and were understandably fearful of travelling last September.

Last week I received an email from easyJet telling me that a £30 voucher I still had as a result of a Covid cancellation was about to lapse, and I would have thought other firms would be doing the same thing – particularly where the balance is for a significant sum.

Happily, Jet2 has now reinstated the voucher, enabling you to book a holiday later this year. You are very pleased that your holiday is back on.





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