Who has won the Turner prize and an Oscar? The Weekend quiz

1 Who has won the Turner prize and an Oscar?
2 Where are the Meroë pyramids?
3 Who is the world’s richest female entertainer?
4 Uranium, polonium and radium were first discovered in what mineral?
5 Which sport was made compulsory in 1363?
6 In Jamaican cooking, what is mannish water?
7 Which writer owned the Tarzana ranch in California?
8 Ganzfeld experiments are designed to test for what ability?

What links:
Bramante Staircase; Raphael Rooms; Borgia Apartment; Niccoline Chapel?
10 Hugh Town; Old and New Grimsby; Lower and Higher Town?
11 UK (G); USA (N); China (B); Australia (VH)?
12 Appearance; pulse; grimace; activity; respiration?
13 Her Heart For A Compass; Budgie The Little Helicopter; Little Red?
14 Pomme purée; drinking toast; Beckett play with Winnie; Lemaître hypothesis?
15 Coroebus of Elis in 776BC and Serbian water polo team in 2021?

1 Steve McQueen.
2 Sudan.
3 Oprah Winfrey (according to Forbes).
4 Pitchblende (uraninite).
5 Archery (practice, in England).
6 Goat soup.
7 Edgar Rice Burroughs.
8 ESP (extrasensory perception).
9 Parts of the Vatican Museums.
10 Settlements on the Isles of Scilly: St Mary’s; Tresco; St Martin’s.
11 National civil aircraft registration prefixes.
12 Apgar test: criteria for a test on newborn baby.
13 Books by Sarah, Duchess of York.
14 US sitcoms: M*A*S*H; Cheers; Happy Days; The Big Bang Theory.
15 Olympic champions: first and most recent.




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