Which ostrich was the Beano’s first cover star? The Saturday quiz

1 Whose exile from Florence was revoked 687 years after his death?
2 Which football teams contest the Z Cars derby?
3 Jacqueline Duhême helped which artist with their cut-outs?
4 Which ostrich was the Beano’s first cover star?
5 What has GEBCO mapped since 1903?
6 His Imperial Majesty’s Reign is which country’s national anthem?
7 Which two elements are named after continents?
8 Which toy began life as a wallpaper cleaner?
Vesta Tilley; Ella Shields; Annie Hindle; Hetty King?
10 ブラック; Eastern green; Western green; Jameson’s?
11 60NS; 200m hurdles; standing long jump; cross country?
12 Keneally; Carey; Pierre; Flanagan?
13 Bolivia (1904) and Ethiopia (1993)?
14 Proteus; Alabama; U-96; Vigil; Red October?
15 That’ll Be the Day; Chantilly Lace; La Bamba?

1 Dante Alighieri (に 2008).
2 Everton and Watford (both use TV theme as entry music).
3 Henri Matisse.
4 Big Eggo.
5 Seas and oceans (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans).
6 日本.
7 Americium and Europium.
8 Play-Doh.

9 Musical hall/variety male impersonators.
10 Mamba snakes.
11 Former Olympic athletics events.
12 Australian winners of the Booker prize.
13 Countries that lost their coastline.
14 Submarines in film and TV: Fantastic Voyage; Crimson Tide; Das Boot; Vigil; The Hunt for Red October.
15 The Day the Music Died: songs by Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens.




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