Which British scientist inspired a Barbie doll? The Saturday quiz

1 Which British scientist inspired a Barbie doll?
2 Which country has made bitcoin legal tender?
3 Who tweets as @kingjames?
4 Which city was protected by the Theodosian Walls?
5 Which writer’s only first-class wicket was WG Grace?
6 What was first sold in the UK as the Stowaway?
7 Which geological era are we living in?
8 Which folk rock group was named after a house in Muswell Hill?
What links:
James VI and I; Anne; Edward VII; Elizabeth II?
10 Cop; Hollywood; Zombie; Nomad; La La?
11 Division (Johann Rahn); infinity (John Wallis); equals (Robert Recorde)?
12 Arak; ouzo; pastis; raki; sambuca?
13 Carpenter; Cooper; Glenn; Grissom; Schirra; Shepard; Slayton?
14 Sue Perkins; Griff Rhys Jones; Kim Appleby?
15 Dedans; tambour; grille; hazard the door?

1 Sarah Gilbert.
2 El Salvador.
3 LeBron James.
4 Constantinople.
5 Arthur Conan Doyle.
6 Sony Walkman.
7 Cenozoic.
8 Fairport Convention.

9 Monarchs with Danish consorts: Anne; George; Alexandra; Philip (Prince of Greece and Denmark).
10 Add Land to make a film title.
11 Mathematics symbols and their inventors.
12 Anise-flavoured spirits.
13 Mercury Seven US astronauts.
14 Professional partner of a Mel: Giedroyc; Smith; Appleby.
15 Parts of a real tennis court.

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