When polos are a pain in the neck

Much as I loved wearing polo necks up to a few years ago (Succession dressing: how the polo neck came back in style, 29 October), I no longer want to wear them because they form a backdrop for drawing attention to my jowly jaw. My best bet for a neckline for knitwear now is the V-neck.
Margaret Davis
Loanhead, Midlothian

With reference to the article on supermarket packaging (How do UK supermarkets rate on the climate crisis?, 30 October) in which Morrisons is lauded for using paper bands rather than plastic bags around bunches of bananas, why is anything required? What is the point in forcing people to buy a bunch, especially if they end up throwing some out?
Carole Gray
Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex

As the Christmas consumptionfest starts, John Lewis adverts and all, is there any way to give at least one gift to the NHS and care system? To recognise how much those services are strapped together and clinging on. I’d definitely opt in to a dedicated fund to improve both. Any chance we can start that campaign? We could call it “a thankful Christmas”.
Ann Wilson
Wakefield, West Yorkshire

I recall a Conservative prime minister memorably proclaiming: “This lady’s not for turning.” Today, we have one who does little but turn, spin, bluff, dither and U-turn. What a way to be remembered.
Stefan Badham
Portsmouth, Hampshire

It’s one thing having to be ever so ’umble on a daily basis on the promise of being “levelled up”. But having your parkin iced (How to make parkin – recipe, 3 November)? Just no!
David Chaloner
Oldham, Lancashire




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