What links the LA Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers? El cuestionario del fin de semana

1 What item of furniture was first mentioned by Wace in 1155?
2 Which opera opens in Memphis?
3 What has National Geographic recognised as the world’s fifth ocean?
4 Which line is dotted with 142 forts known as ouvrages?
5 Who boasted of “a very particular set of skills”?
6 Which political party was co-founded by Sandi Toksvig?
7 What three letters represent otorhinolaryngology?
8 Which comic strip character was named after a 60s festival?
What links:
Ancholme; Hull; Ouse; Trent?
10 Yamata no Orochi (heads and tails); Durga (arms); Sleipnir (legs)?
11 Cape Cod fisherman Michael Packard; Geppetto; Jonah?
12 Nordisch; Rhenish; Swiss; Berliner; Ciner?
13 Nijntje; Pippi Långstrump; Les Schtroumpfs; Mumintrollen?
14 Enamel; dentine; pulp?
15 LA Rams and Denver Nuggets; Boston Red Sox; Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

1 King Arthur’s Round Table (in Roman de Brut).
2 Aida (Memphis in Egypt).
3 Southern ocean.
4 Maginot Line (in France).
5 Liam Neeson (Bryan Mills) in the film Taken.
6 Women’s Equality party.
7 ENT (ear, nose and throat).
8 Woodstock (Peanuts).
9 Rivers forming the Humber estuary.
10 Eight of each: Japanese serpent; Hindu goddess (at least eight); horse in Norse myth.
11 Swallowed by a whale or giant fish: en junio; in Pinocchio; in the Bible.
12 Newspaper formats.
13 Original names of characters from European children’s books: Miffy; Pippi Longstocking; The Smurfs; The Moomins.
14 Layers of a tooth.
15 US sports teams of Premier League owners: Stan Kroenke (Arsenal); John Henry (Liverpool); Glazer family (Manchester unido).





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