What links Marianne Faithfull with Queen and Bing Crosby? 주말 퀴즈

1 Hail, Columbia is which politician’s entrance march?
2 What unappealing ingredient is in the Sardinian cheese casu marzu?
3 Which Asian state, population 23 백만, is not a UN member?
4 What distinguishes a carom billiards table?
5 JG Ballard called what attraction a “cultural Stalingrad”?
6 In folklore, what footwear gave you a 21-mile stride?
7 What is am Main or an der Oder?
8 Poet Pablo Neruda was a character in what 1990s romcom?
어떤 링크:
9 Marianne Faithfull; Tina Turner; Mick Jagger; Queen; Bing Crosby?
10 533 (이자형); 59 (에스); 40 (여); 18 (NI)?
11 William Railton; EH Baily; Edwin Landseer?
12 North Pole; Six Pine Trees; Sandy Pit; Floody Place; Gloomy Place?
13 Kieron Pollard; Herschelle Gibbs; Yuvraj Singh?
14 Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara?
15 Athenian pottery shards; Midlands city; English land agent in Ireland?

1 US vice-president (Kamala Harris).
2 Maggots.
3 대만 (Republic of China).
4 No pockets.
5 Euro Disney (Disneyland Paris).
6 Seven league boots.
7 Frankfurt (German cities).
8 Il Postino.
9 Duetted with David Bowie.
10 Parliamentary constituencies for parts of the UK.
11 Nelson’s Column: designed column; sculpted Nelson; designed lions at the base.
12 Locations in the Winnie-the-Pooh books.
13 Hit six sixes in an over in international cricket.
14 Bosphorus strait.
15 Origins of terms for social exclusion: ostracism (from ostracons); sent to Coventry; Charles Boycott.

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