What links Doctor Who, Fleabag and The Prisoner? El cuestionario del fin de semana

1 A suburb of Athens is named after which English poet?
2 Why was Anna Boch’s purchase of The Red Vineyard unique?
3 How many people survived the biblical flood?
4 Where did mudlarks ply their trade?
5 What musical genre was pioneered by drummer Tony Allen?
6 The Exclusion Crisis was an attempt to exclude who?
7 Which documentary is about the two reclusive Edith Beales?
8 On an aircraft, what is nicknamed George?

What links:
14 sculptors; 12 architects; 8 printmakers; the rest all painters?
10 Fleabag; The Prisoner; Doctor Who?
11 Hawaiian; Strombolian; Vulcanian; Peléan; Plinian?
12 Common; sand; slow worm?
13 Irlanda (7); Rusia (6); Francia (5); Estados Unidos (4)?
14 Jemini and James Newman?
15 Half note; female sheep; midday; Inuit canoe?

1 Byron (Vyronas).
2 Only known sale of a Van Gogh painting in his lifetime.
3 Ocho.
4 By the River Thames.
5 Afrobeat.
6 Jaime, Duke of York (future James II) from the throne.
7 Grey Gardens.
8 Autopilot.
9 Designated composition of the Royal Academy.
10 TV series with unnamed title characters.
11 Types of volcanic eruption.
12 Lizards native to the UK.
13 Length of presidential terms.
14 UK Eurovision acts scoring no points.
15 Palindromes: minim; ewe; noon; kayak.




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