Lo que une al cóndor, manos, mono, araña y ballena? El cuestionario del sábado

1 ¿Qué libertino fue el bibliotecario del conde von Waldstein??
2 ¿Dónde está la única estatua de Gran Bretaña de una mujer judía medieval??
3 ¿En qué país se originó la música highlife??
4 Which conspiracy theory centred on the Comet Ping Pong restaurant?
5 A prototype of what was first publicly demonstrated in Selfridges in 1925?
6 Which waterway divides Schleswig-Holstein?
7 What animal class is named from the Greek for “double life”?
8 Which race is run between Anchorage and Nome, Alaska?
What links:
Alma; Ether; Jarom; Moroni; Nephi; Omni?
10 Charley Says; The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water; Splink; Tufty; Clunk Click?
11 Chrissie Hynde; The Waitresses; Las teclas negras; Devo?
12 Normal; marcha atrás; strike-slip; oblique?
13 Companion of Artemis; mother of Minos; cupbearer of Zeus; daughter of Inachus?
14 Condor; manos; mono; spider; whale (in southern Peru)?
15 Shakespeare; Sherwood King; Booth Tarkington; Franz Kafka?

1 Casanova.
2 Winchester (Licoricia).
3 Ghana.
4 Pizzagate (in Washington DC).
5 Televisión (by John Logie Baird).
6 Kiel Canal.
7 Amphibians.
8 Iditarod (sled dog race).
9 Books of the Mormon Bible.

10 1970s public information safety films.
11 Musical acts from Akron, Ohio.
12 Types of geological fault.
13 Galilean moons of Jupiter, in Greek myth: Callisto; Europa; Ganymede; Io.
14 Nazca Lines glyphs.
15 Sources for films directed by Orson Welles: The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice, Macbeth and Falstaff (Chimes at Midnight); The Lady from Shanghai; The Magnificent Ambersons; The Trial.




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