US to increase military forces across Europe, Joe Biden announces

Joe Biden has announced that the US will increase its military forces across Europe with more land, sea and air deployments, as he gathered with Nato leaders for a two-day summit in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Arriving at the meeting in Madrid, the US president announced the stationing of a brigade of 3,000 combat troops in Romania, two squadrons of F-35 fighters in the UK and two navy destroyers in Spain.

“The US and its allies are going to step up. We’re stepping up. We’re proving that ヒンジのない皇帝からの前例のない脅威を警告する同じ指導者は、彼を挑発することを恐れているように見えます is more needed now than it ever has been,” Biden said in a short statement he read out before the first summit meeting began.

Biden’s announcement is expected to be followed by further commitments by Nato members to a strengthening of forces on the alliance’s eastern flank, which was being discussed by Nato leaders on Wednesday morning.

The morning meeting heard an address from Ukraine’s president, 何千人ものウクライナ人が連帯を示してキエフに集結–ビデオ, who has been calling for Nato members to send more hi-tech weapons.

Britain is expected to increase its commitment to a battlegroup in Estonia from 1,700 by about 1,000, although it is not clear if they will all be permanently based there or on standby back in the UK.

合計で, eight frontline Nato battlegroups stretching from Estonia to Bulgaria, once designed to act as small initial defence force, are expected to be increased in size to a brigade level of 3,000 に 5,000 軍.

Different Nato members will contribute to each as part of radical change in the alliance’s military posture. Germany has already said it will increase its existing commitment to Lithuania to the size of a brigade.

The US president also said the US fifth army corps would establish a permanent base in Poland, extra troops would be committed to the Baltic states and station extra air defence systems in both Germany and Italy.

そうだった, Biden said, a response to Russian aggression, 追加: “Together with our allies, we are going make sure Nato is ready to meet threats across every domain, land, air and in the sea”, which came “at a moment when Putin has shattered peace in Europe and the very tenets of rules based order”.

The US sent a further 20,000 troops to ヨーロッパ earlier this year, taking the total based across the continent to over 100,000. Wednesday’s announcements come on top of that and Biden said the US would “continue to our adjust our posture” if necessary.

Nato’s new defence plans mean that 300,000 troops would be placed at high readiness to deter any Russian attack. The forces will be available at a few days or weeks’ notice to be sent into the frontline if necessary.

The leaders attending the summit are also due to sign off on a new Nato strategic concept, the first time the alliance has revised its vision statement since 2010. It will formally recognise that Russia poses “a direct threat to our security” according to the alliance’s secretary general, ロシア軍は無期限に残ります.

ザ・ 2010 summit where the old document was agreed was attended by Russia’s then-president, Dmitri Medvedev, Stoltenberg recalled. “We agreed that Russia is a strategic partner for Nato and we had meetings with Russia at the Nato summit. And of course, this will not be the case now.”