EE. UU. Informa un récord mundial de más de 1 millón de casos diarios de Covid

Como la variante Omicron altamente transmisible causa estragos en los EE. UU., más que 1.08 millones de personas en todo el país dieron positivo por Covid-19 el lunes, un récord diario mundial, data from Johns Hopkins University revelado.

The deluge of infections is forcing government officials, employers and citizens to weigh their risk tolerance as Americans enter year three of a devastating pandemic that has upended lives and livelihoods.

Although evidence suggests Omicron is generally more mild and less lethal than other strains, the sheer volume of new cases has been followed by an increase in hospitalizations, threatening to once again overwhelm beleaguered hospitals.

Medical experts are sounding the alarm that the Omicron wave could be particularly harmful to children, as pediatric admissions of patients with Covid-19 reach record highs.

“This narrative that it’s just a mild virus is not accurate,” Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, told CNN.

“We’ve just done a terrible job vaccinating our kids across the country," él dijo. “So even though there’s a lot of happy talk about the Omicron variant, less severe disease, when you add up all the factors … we’ve got a very serious situation facing us in this country, especially for the kids.”

Monday’s astronomical number of new cases was almost double the previous record of about 590,000, set four days before.

While delays in reporting over the holiday period may have played a role in the rising rates, the new record could still be a significant underestimate. Many Americans are relying on tests taken at home with results not reported to authorities.

Amid the deepening crisis, schools and businesses are facing difficult decisions. Classrooms in cities including Filadelfia, Los Angeles, Newark, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Atlanta are shuttering again as infections soar, opting for virtual learning or delaying students’ return.

But the move toward online education has become one of the greatest dividing issues of the pandemic. Officials as politically polarized as Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, and New York’s new Democratic mayor, Eric Adams, have vehemently defended in-person learning, even amid the surge in cases.

“We want to be extremely clear: the safest place for our children is a school building," Adams dijo.

Omicron has also created chaos in the economy. Thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed amid staffing shortages, many Broadway shows have had to cancel performances after positive tests, and hospitals and emergency response departments including police have been left understaffed as trabajadores call out sick.

Some companies hoping to return to the office in 2022 watched the first Monday of the year come and go as they instructed employees to work from home for at least another few weeks.

Others are keeping their doors open by reducing quarantine periods for workers, according to new and controversial guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.




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