US in ‘another pivotal moment’ as Delta variant surges


The US is “not out of the woods” in this pandemic, as the Delta variant of coronavirus is now spreading with incredible efficiency, especially in areas with low vaccination rates.

Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said yesterday at a White House briefing that the country was “at another pivotal moment in this pandemic”.

Newly released materials show the FBI failed to fully investigate sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh when Donald Trump nominated him to the court in 2018, a group of Democratic senators said yesterday.

The senators said they received a letter from FBI director Christopher Wray that stated the agency gathered more than 4,500 tips relating to Kavanaugh without any apparent further action by investigators.

“The American people want to know the truth” about what happened the day of the 6 January attack of the US Capitol, House speaker Nancy Pelosi said – as well as what led to it. But with minority leader Kevin McCarthy pulling all his Republican appointees from the House select committee tasked with investigating the attack, experts question if the truth will ever come out.

Two hundred US officials and their family have been sickened by “Havana syndrome”, including about 100 CIA officers and their family, CIA director William Burns said yesterday.

Havana syndrome is a set of mysterious ailments that include dizziness, 恶心, migraines and memory lapses. It was first was reported by US officials based in the US embassy in Cuba in 2016.

State systems were quickly overwhelmed with the mass influx of unemployment applications that came with the onset of the pandemic, causing months of backlog.

A hundred athletes are picked each year for the 135-mile race in California’s Death Valley, but this was the year that Death Valley hit the highest recorded temperature in the valley – and on Earth – since 1913.

Ballywatticock, a small townland in Northern Ireland, drew attention last weekend when it recorded the highest temperature in the UK during a heatwave. While locals enjoyed the dry heat – “like walking off a plane in a really hot country,” one local said – it was indicative of the extreme weather happening elsewhere around the world.

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Once upon a time, pop punk was defined by all-male bands in Dickie pants, whining about high school, small towns and faceless girls. Now it’s Gen Z’s turn with the genre of Green Day, Blink-182, New Found Glory and Sum 41, and a diverse group of women have emerged with a playful emotional maturity that had been woefully missing from the music of yesteryear.

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