La policía del Reino Unido 'no es policía pensada', dice el nuevo jefe

Las fuerzas policiales no son "la policía del pensamiento" y deben centrarse en hacer frente a los delitos reales y mantener la seguridad del público., el nuevo inspector jefe de policía de HM ha dicho.

Andy Cooke, quien se hizo cargo el mes pasado, said chief constables should avoid “politics with a small P” and remember there is a clear distinction between what is and is not a crime.

“We’re not the thought police, we follow legislation and we follow the law, simple as that,” he told the Times. “Policing is busy enough dealing with the serious offences that are going on, busy enough trying to keep people safe.”

Cooke said the law was clear that the point at which police should intervene was when thoughts are translated into actions. “I do think it’s important that the prioritisation that we give is to those most at risk, and that policing stays away from the politics with a small P, and the different thoughts that people have," él dijo.

“Those thoughts, unless they become actions, aren’t an offence. The law is quite clear in relation to what is an offence and what isn’t an offence.”

Cooke said the public wanted to know that when crimes were being committed, the police would take action, however serious the offence. “Policing needs to ensure the public can have confidence that the police will take action against criminality, whatever level that is," él dijo.

“Obviously the serious criminality needs to be addressed. But right through neighbourhood crimes, burglaries and car theft as well.”




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