TV vanaand: three events that shaped the black British experience in the 80s

Following his recent documentary, Subnormal, on the segregation of black pupils deemed “educationally subnormal” in 1960s and 70s Britain, director Steve McQueen brings this three-part examination of three pivotal events that took place in Britain in 1981: the New Cross fire, which killed 13 black teenagers, the Black People’s Day of Action, which saw 20,000 people protest, and the Brixton riots. Co-directed by James Rogan, we follow how these events came to impact racial attitudes in Britain for a generation. Ammar Kalia

China is massive, reports Mears as he continues this series showcasing the country’s diverse fauna. The more remote corners are explored in tonight’s second instalment, as Mears is in China’s tropical rainforest. Here he goes in search of the Asian elephant with conservationist Dr Bao Mingwei. Jack Seale

A new series of the behind-the-scenes arts show returns, with a focus on London’s Victoria & Albert museum. While the public are instructed to stay home owing to the coronavirus pandemic, we follow Theatre and Performance keeper Geoff who receives delivery of a red suit belonging to a Slade band member. AK

The God-Tier of Bake Offs continues, as Liam and Tom put top pastry chefs from upper-crust hotels and restaurants across the UK through their paces. For the semi-final they must create four batches of perfect petit fours, and a table of jelly desserts inspired by a teddy bear’s picnic… Ali Catterall

A vicious knife attack at a house in Birmingham leaves the victim in a coma, requiring the investigative team to bring all their physical and digital forensic skills to bear. That means combing through CCTV footage and – when on-site analysis proves tricky – removing the front door for testing. Graeme Virtue

The Real Housewives meet the Russian mafia in this kitsch, Moscow-set thriller. When the mistress to wealthy businessman Igor Dolgachev (Sergey Burunov), Marina, is found murdered, detective Lena (Darya Moroz) must infiltrate the secretive, criminal world of the super rich to find out who is responsible. AK

The Man in the White Suit (Alexander Mackendrick, 1951) 2.50pm, BBC Two

Inventor Alec Guinness creates a material that lasts for ever, never gets dirty, and brings him nothing but trouble. Capitalist bosses Cecil Parker and Ernest Thesiger and union leaders are equally aghast at a creation that could put them out of business in Mackendrick’s satirical Ealing comedy. Paul Howlett

Cricket: England v Pakistan 6pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Third and final T20 match in the series, from Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.

Cricket: West Indies v Australia 7.15pm, BT Sport 2. First ODI in the three-match series.

Basketbal: Milwaukee Bucks v Phoenix Suns 1.15is, Sky Sports Main Event. Game six of the NBA Finals.

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