TV vanaand: the story of electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire

Theremin innovator and co-creator of the Doctor Who theme tune, Delia Derbyshire is one of the unsung heroes of electronic music. This experimental documentary sees filmmaker Caroline Catz playing Delia in dramatised scenes as we trace her immensely creative period working at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the 1960s, creating music for almost 200 radio and TV shows. There is also new music recently discovered and incorporated into a score by Cosey Fanni Tutti. Ammar Kalia

Superfan Matt Lucas presents this celebration of the strange, multicoloured animated characters created by Roger Hargreaves. His son Adam is on hand to create five new characters for a public vote, with the top two to be included in the Mr Men universe in September. AK

Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) steps forth to carry out home visits this week, happening across a classic case of a household with problems that go beyond tricky obstetrics. In the subplot about a teen pregnancy, there’s another familiar Midwife theme: shame, and the crippling fear of it. Jack Seale

Linda (Lily James) and Fanny (Emily Beecham) are now married, as the adaptation of the Nancy Mitford novel continues. While Fanny takes to motherhood and attempts to be a ‘good wife’ to Alfred (Shazad Latif), Linda’s marriage rapidly unravels, as she hurls herself into a life of partying. Ali Catterall

This series continues to explore the world of 1980s snooker. Tonight: the volatile Alex Higgins and his battles with alcoholism and the freakishly calm Steve Davis. Davis is discussed in the context of the rise of Thatcherism and he describes his support for Thatcher here as “the biggest bollock we ever dropped”. Phil Harrison

Adapted from Michel Bussi’s 2019 boek, this French drama tells the story of Clotilde (Mathilde Seigner), the sole survivor of a car crash that killed her parents when she was 16. Decades later and with a family of her own, she now receives a letter from someone claiming to be her mother. AK

Tenet, 10pm, Sky Cinema Premiere

It may look better on the big screen, but Christopher Nolan’s mind-melting spy thriller might be better digested at home. John David Washington stars as The Protagonist, a mysterious agent who stumbles on a secret network that has found a sinister way to weaponise time. Damon Wise

Premier League Football: Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers 2pm, Sky Sports Main Event. West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool at 4pm.

Diving: European Aquatics Championships 4.30pm, BBC Twee. Final day’s coverage.

Hockey: Belgium v USA 4.30pm, BT Sport 1. Clash from Antwerp.

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