TV esta noche: Suranne Jones in emotional tour de force I Am Victoria

A ferociously intense yet deeply vulnerable performance from Suranne Jones dominates this opening episode of a new series of standalone dramas from Dominic Savage. Jones’s Victoria seems to have everything: a loving husband (Ashley Walters’s Chris), kids, a nice house and a signature dinner party dish or two. And yet her anxiety and volatility is destroying her spotless domestic idyll. Watching Victoria’s alienation unfold makes for uncomfortable viewing but Jones’s lead is a tour de force of tightly wound but rapidly unspooling anguish. Phil Harrison

You might imagine snowfall turns down the heat on these busy firefighters, but the reality is very different. When a devastating gas explosion happens in a village near Halifax, it means a high-speed callout on treacherous roads. mientras tanto, distinctive-smelling smoke is a dead giveaway for a cannabis “grow” in Leeds. Ellen E Jones

La semana pasada, in this eclectic season-by-season doc series, we saw that autumn in the Brecon Beacons is perilous enough. Now it’s winter, and two snowboarders are stuck up the highest peak in south Wales, Pen-y-fan. There’s flooding on lower ground, también, pero, on the bright side, new lambs are born. Jack Seale

Early in 2020, a holiday turned into a nightmare for the passengers on board the cruise ship Diamond Princess. In an early sign of how brutal the pandemic was going to become, the holidaymakers had to adapt to concepts such as social distancing and asymptomatic transmission. This documentary has the inside story. PH

Love Island narrator (and comic performer in his own right) Iain Stirling launches a sitcom, following a group of millennials stuck in the hinterland between carefree hedonism and looming adulthood. Stirling plays Iain (see what he did there?) who is launching himself back into the dating scene after a breakup. PH

Another series of the gnarly survivalist show in which 10 comically rugged outdoor types are abandoned in the wilderness – this time, British Columbia – and left to fend for themselves. Half-a-million bucks await the winner, but grizzly bears, starvation, loneliness and low temperatures stand in their way. PH

Pride & Prejudice (Joe Wright, 2005), 11.30pm, BBC cuatro
Bravely taking on the BBC’s seminal 1995 Versión de TV, Joe Wright’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s sublime moral comedy gets it right with its central casting. Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet is sprightly and smart, while Matthew Macfadyen employs his trademark brooding glower very effectively as Mr Darcy. Simon Wardell

Juegos Olímpicos 2020 9soy, BBC One. Two track cycling finals, plus the women’s football bronze medal match.

Test Cricket: Inglaterra v India 10.15soy, Evento principal de Sky Sports. Day two from Trent Bridge.

MLB: St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves 1soy, BT deporte 1. Coverage of the match at Busch Stadium.




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