TV tonight: Paddy and Christine McGuinness open up about their family and autism

Funnyman Paddy McGuinness lets his guard down as he candidly details his struggle to deal with his three children’s autism diagnoses. With his wife Christine, they ask questions that any parents would have – speaking with experts, autistic people and friends as they navigate family life. In searching for the positive without denying the difficulties, it’s sensitively done with a lot of heart. Hollie Richardson

It’s time for one anxiety-inducing C-word to replace another. Yes, Christmas is coming, and reporter Jane Corbin is on hand to see if the UK’s supply chain can deliver in time. She speaks to HGV drivers and farmers, as well as addressing the energy-hike hangover families might have to deal with. HR

Comedians Alan Davies, Sarah Kendall, Suzi Ruffell and the voice of Love Island, Iain Stirling, share their favourite books with Sara Cox, while also reviewing this week’s book club picks: Oliver Harris’s espionage novel Ascension, and Booker-longlisted The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng, who this paper called a “master of cultural complexities”. Ali Catterall

The enjoyable comedy showcase fronted by Sara Pascoe continues, with brief, themed standup sets that are then critiqued (gently) by Pascoe and the audience. Tonight’s guests include former Inbetweener Joe Thomas, Canadian comic Erika Ehler and the endlessly watchable Henning Wehn. Phil Harrison

Abby McEnany’s dramedy winds further down its unique path, mixing realistic friendship scenes with blasts of sharp politics. There’s pure loveliness when Abby’s emotionally intelligent nephew visits her at work; in the back half of the double bill, Covid strikes. Jack Seale

Marking 40 years since the first Briton was infected by a new virus that would be confirmed as HIV, here’s part one of a documentary series following what has happened since. It speaks with the people who fought back, such as one of the first HIV patients, the campaigner Jonathan Blake. HR

Nowhere Special (Uberto Pasolini, 2020), 10.30am, 8pm, Sky Cinema Premiere
Largely neglected during the ins and outs of lockdown earlier this year, Uberto Pasolini’s tragic drama is an exceptional achievement. James Norton plays gentle Northern Irish window cleaner John, single father to Daniel Lamont’s watchful young boy Michael. He is also terminally ill with cancer, and so sets out to find suitable parents to adopt his son after he dies. The weight of sadness in his search could have been too oppressive, but Pasolini’s sensitive directorial touch (the window symbolism is never overdone) and Norton’s nuanced performance make this a real treasure. Simon Wardell

Premier League Football: Everton v Liverpool 8.15pm, Amazon Prime Video. Five other matches are available on Amazon Prime Video from 7.30pm.

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