TV tonight: murder mystery meets reality TV on Murder Island

A fun concept, this: there’s been a fictional murder on a Scottish island but, instead of a charismatic detective with a messy private life, the case will be tackled by members of the public. The mystery has been devised by Ian Rankin and we’ll be drip-fed dramatic segments alongside the investigations. Not much joy in the early stages; the amateur sleuths are too busy bumbling around and accidentally contaminating crime scenes to get much detecting done. Phil Harrison

Whenever the pager sounds, RNLI’s volunteers respond, and every second counts. This week, the Eastbourne team are called out to aid a Base jumper who has had a disastrous takeoff, while just along the Sussex coast another team race to the rescue of a man who has suffered a seizure on a ship. Ellen E Jones

After easing themselves into the contest, it’s time for Bake Off’s first big test. Bread Week always separates the pretenders from the contenders and this year is no exception. First, with a classic Italian focaccia, then a Greek snack as a technical and, finally, a milk bread showstopper. PH

An astonishingly brave and worthwhile project as four people with dementia are filmed over two years. “It scares the hell out of me,” admits one participant – and who can blame them? What follows is frequently devastating and all the more so for the intimacy with which the stories are recorded. But the series is full of love, too, for what is being lost and, crucially, for what remains. PH

Alexander Armstrong narrates another batch of jaw-dropping clips, including a pensioner saving his puppy from an alligator. Yes, really. Also on the menu is the nightmare-inducing sight of a couple being attacked by a rabid animal – luckily someone was on hand to film the whole thing. Hannah Verdier

DJ Majestic, Mollie King and Richard Ayoade join the regulars, including an extremely enthusiastic Daisy May Cooper, for another edition of a music quiz reboot that’s just a bit too eager and earnest. Four of the countless members of Blazin’ Squad line up gamely in the identity parade. Jack Seale

Rare Beasts (Billie Piper, 2019), 8pm, Sky Cinema Premiere
It is not a stretch to say a fair chunk of autobiography went into Billie Piper’s 2019 debut feature as writer and director, and the result has a brilliantly uncomfortable ring of truth about it. Piper also stars as single mother Mandy, who has an amorphous role at a TV production company, a young son prone to tantrums and two separated parents (wonderful roles for Kerry Fox and David Thewlis). She is also negotiating a new relationship with co-worker Pete (Leo Bill) who is angry, opinionated, borderline misogynistic and, on the surface, totally unsuitable for her. It’s a funny, messy, bracingly honest affair, all snappy dialogue and in-your-face camerawork, as Mandy struggles to sort out her life. Simon Wardell

Cycling: European Track Championships Tue, 5pm, Eurosport 1. Day one from Velodrome Suisse in Grenchen, Switzerland.




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