TV stasera: Michael Johnson meets our star Paralympians

Ahead of the Paralimpiadi beginning on 24 agosto, US champion sprinter Michael Johnson meets four of Team GB’s most promising Paralympians, quizzing them about their careers and hopes for Tokyo. Johnson begins with five-time swimming medallist Ellie Simmonds, who talks candidly about the struggles of becoming internationally known as a teen. At 5.05pm, Johnson meets cyclist Kadeena Cox, who describes her ongoing battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Ammar Kalia

Daytime TV duo Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby reach the final instalment of their gameshow, each week offering an audience member the chance to win a holiday. There have already been stints in Mexico and St Lucia up for grabs and this week it’s a safari in South Africa. SE

Wheelchair user Sophie Morgan concludes her two-part series, taking to the road on a custom three-wheeled bike to meet people who have decided to relocate to the countryside to follow their passions, including an off-grid family of three on an island in the Inner Hebrides. SE

Even if the grumpy host sometimes seems stuck in second gear, the Clarkson era of Millionaire can still produce high tension: witness the recent contestant who needed to ask Jezza for help with the opening question but went on to bag £125k. Tonight another six hopefuls vie to try their luck. Graeme Virtue

Fans of Casualty will love this 35th anniversary bonanza, with its spectacular lorry crash and flashbacks to characters of old. The more occasional viewer will be wondering what the heck’s going on, with the sudden appearance of Big Mac, Cal and Noel, who all died in previous episodes. Hannah Verdier

Director Julien Temple presents this filmed version of the Madness frontman’s autobiographical stage show from London’s Hoxton Hall. Intercut with archive and playful dramatisations, Suggs recounts his rise from the pub rock scene of the 1970s to leading one of Britain’s most beloved and recognisable bands. SE

Green Book, 10pm, BBC Two

Peter Farrelly’s Oscar-winning true story follows a 1960s African-American classical pianist (Mahershala Ali) on a tour of the deep south, driven by Viggo Mortensen’s New York bouncer. The racial injustices of the time and region aren’t sugar-coated, though the redemptive story arc is a bit pat. Simon Wardell

Cricket: Oval Invincibles v London Spirit, 3.15pm, BBC Two. Women’s Hundred match, followed by men’s teams at 6pm.

Premier League Football: Norwich City v Liverpool, 5pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Clash at Carrow Road.

Championship Football: Swansea City v Sheffield United, 8pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Live from Liberty Stadium.

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