TV esta noche: Megan Thee Stallion and Jameela Jamil bring back the bling of ballroom

Megan Thee Stallion, Jameela Jamil, Law Roach and Leiomy Maldonado bring back the bling of ballroom with another season of this electrifying voguing competition. Esta vez, the houses of Nina Oricci, Balenciaga, Luxe, Chanel, and Miyake-Mugler will need to slay the five major elements of vogue – catwalk, manos, duck walk, floor performance, and spins and dips – to win the $100,000 prize and that all-important trophy. Expect 100% sparkling fabulousness from start to finish. hollie richardson

The mentee becomes the mentor tonight, as the three finalists tackle their own makeup masterclasses. Never has the phrase “Sorry, I thought that was your natural chin” felt more at home than when issued from the mouth of Maya Jama. The influencer Manny Gutierrez acts as judge, jury and executioner as the trio vie to be crowned winner. Danielle De Wolfe

The judges were unable to whittle the semi-finalists down to three last week as the four sewers – now finalists – are bursting at the seams with talent, making it extra-difficult to stand out. To impress the judges, they must make a red-carpet jumpsuit, a one-piece amorphous dress (of the kind that Cher and judge Esme Young once wore) and scrap-material party outfits. HORA

Everything about this new party-planning reality series is pure joy (bar a few catty comments about cakes). First up, the three resident LGBTQ+ party experts – Teddy, Christopher and Ryan – need to pitch a secret engagement party. The winning idea involves a celebrity jumping out of a cake. HORA

Lenny Henry’s spirited exploration of British Caribbean culture continues, as he retraces his youthful London days and breakout role in the TV sketch show Three of a Kind. The 80s, resulta, was a fruitful time for second-generation immigrants. But Henry is also looking ahead, catching up with later generations about Britain’s multicultural future. Henry Wong

Andy Murray following a stranger into Ikea is just one of the scenarios that hosts James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe ponder this week with their guests (Ross Noble, Lou Sanders, Angela Barnes and Sunil Patel). The game group also find themselves recreating Lord of the Rings scenes with only swimming trunks to help them. Precious Adesina

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