TV esta noche: Maxwell, Epstein and Prince Andrew – the accusations through survivors’ voices

Jeffrey Epstein died in a prison cell in 2019 before he could face federal sex trafficking and conspiracy charges – but the details of how he and his circle used wealth and power to abuse girls for years are still coming to light. In this documentary, Ranvir Singh pulls the many threads of the story together, including the truth about Ghislaine Maxwell’s involvement (ahead of her sentencing) and the disputed allegations against Prince Andrew. Singh also gives a platform to the voices of the survivors, and speaks with some of the people listed in Maxwell’s “little black book”. It promises to be a comprehensive examination of the story behind the tangled web of endless headlines. Hollie Richardson

“We’re whores if we like it and frigid if we don’t, and when we’re not desirable any more – that’s it, we’re invisible.” This challenging drama about sexual politics in the workplace continues, with Sam (Maxine Peake) recalling HR director Maya’s (Rakhee Thakrar’s) discovery of evidence that threatened the flotation of the company. HR

Harry Hill delivers more wholesome teatime goodness from the Bake Off tent. Esta vez, the young bakers are tasked with making fashion-conscious wearable biscuits, plus they need to create an edible “About Me” biscuit box that illustrates different aspects of their lives. They’ll have to impress judges Liam Charles and Ravneet Gill. HR

Cancer, coercion and stranger danger all feature in the latest double bill of the Y2K-set coming-of-age comedy with a visual twist (grownup creators Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine play teen versions of themselves). If that sounds pretty heavy, the show continues to be adept at balancing emotional rawness with warmth and wit. Virtud de Graeme

Después 9/11, a recording booth was set up for survivors and eyewitnesses to recall memories of the day’s events. La revisión de la salud de las mujeres del Reino Unido se lanzará en primavera, this remarkable documentary uncovers that footage and catches up with participants. Film-makers David Belton and Bjørn Johnson are careful to balance the inevitable horror with hope and resilience. Henry Wong

Matt Berry’s magnificently tactless, rude and self-regarding thesp Steven Toast continues on his unlikely mission to break America. Esta noche, his wildly declamatory performance style seems to have found a natural home in a film by director Weech Beacon. But will his embryonic relationship with sexologist Shepherd Gerbil get in the way? Phil Harrison

International Netball: England v Australia 7.30pm, BBC cuatro. Coverage of the Quad Series fixture at the Copper Box Arena, Londres.

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