TV vanaand: Martin Freeman is at the end of his tether in The Responder

“I’m a shell, the job has ruined me. Every night there’s spit in my face, blood on my face, and it never stops.” Welcome to the world of Chris Carson, a police response officer who can’t remember the last time he did something good and is struggling with his mental health as he juggles life as a “bizzie” with his other roles – husband, dad and son. In the first of five episodes of this gritty drama – the second episode airs on Tuesday, with the series continuing next week – Carson (an at-the-end-of-his-tether Martin Freeman with a convincing scouse accent) comes to the aid of a young heroin addict, as his colleagues question his behaviour. Have they got good reason to? Hollie Richardson

The latest hospital documentary series continues. Eight-year-old Violet’s life is transformed by corrective surgery to her feet, and reconstructive plastic surgeon Dan performs complex surgery on skin cancer patient Bill, whose tumour returned after 16 maande. HR

More asset-rich, cash-poor exploits from the blue bloods who are monetising their heritage by taking centre stage in a documentary series. Tonight, Princess Olga is trying to raise cash by hosting tours of Provender House. Intussen, to the dismay of Alexandra, builders leave Renishaw Hall looking like a bomb site. You just can’t get the staff these days … Phil Harrison

“Do not make this personal. This is not a person. This is simply an end.” Lee Malvo was 16 years old when he killed young mother Keenya Cook in 2002. He then joined John Muhammad in shooting dead a further nine people in the Washington DC sniper case. This harrowing, often hard to watch six-part documentary – which took four years to make – gives a blow-by-blow account of what happened, with haunting recordings from surviving perpetrator Malvo. HR

Tonight, a major row about the politics of bed-sharing. Or is it actually about rejection? Or power dynamics? Or who should try doing the bloody dishes once in a while? As ever, the series digs below all the trivial issues to find deeper-rooted problems, shifting our allegiances with the characters in the process. Alexi Duggins

Tonight’s gorgeous opening sequence provides a much-needed change of pace for Euphoria and gives us a backstory for one of its least likable characters, Cal. Then it’s back to usual for the high-octane high school drama: Rue and Jules play truth or dare with Elliot, while Cassie (played by this season’s MVP, Sydney Sweeney) comes undone. Henry Wong

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