TV tonight: Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard are still chaotic parents

Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard’s tale of harassed parents returns for a second season of chaotic shenanigans. With their two kids now 10 and 12 years old, Paul (Freeman) and Ally (Haggard) start this new series reckoning with their newfound independence and hoping that means more peace and quiet at home. Of course, it doesn’t. As Luke’s 13th birthday approaches, there’s a bout of teenage truancy, leading to an explosive response from Paul – and a difficult session in the therapist’s chair. Ammar Kalia

Will a spoonful of something sweet help a proposal go down? The would-be mogul behind a range of healthier sugar alternatives certainly hopes so. It is just one of a fusillade of pitches – including vitamin-laced coffee, nifty suction mats and trendy eco-cleaners – all hoping to tempt the wary Dragons. Graeme Virtue

Prof Noel Fitzpatrick returns for a new season of miracle animal saving. We open with an episode on Noel’s own dog, 13-year-old Keira. When she was hit by a van outside the practice in September 2020, Noel had to perform complicated surgery to ensure her survival. AK

A behind-the-fronds views of the west London marvel, “a pollinator’s playground” that’s home to 130 hectares of some of the most diverse plant life on the planet. Tonight, we follow the Kew horticulturalists as they cope with a summer drought and tend the orchid collection. Ali Catterall

This documentary manages to be simultaneously eye-opening and grimly familiar – TV has made many attempts now to address the slow-motion obesity crisis in Britain. Dr Chris Van Tulleken is the latest to have a go, exploring food processing techniques and ingredients. Phil Harrison

A century on from Northern Ireland coming into existence after the partition of the island of Ireland came into legal effect – and with the Irish border a current source of renewed tension owing, partly, to the consequences of Brexit – this series examines the complex history that led to the drawing of the border. AK

American Psycho (Mary Harron, 2000), 10.10pm Sky Cinema Greats
Christian Bale fought off Leonardo DiCaprio to play Patrick Bateman, the psychotic Manhattan yuppie, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else wielding the axe. Director Mary Harron tones down the horrors of Bret Easton Ellis’s nasty novel to create a clever and queasily funny satire. Paul Howlett

Golf: The Made in Himmerland 12noon, Sky Sports Main Event. First day’s tournament coverage from Farso, Denmark.

PSA squash: El Gouna International 5.30pm, BT Sport 2. Men’s and women’s semi-finals matches.

French football 7.45pm, BT Sport 1. Yet to be announced Ligue 1 relegation play-off match.

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