TV tonight – Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham star in devastating Covid drama Help

“Gloria’s got a cough.” On the face of it, innocuous words. But horribly ominous in a care home in early 2020. 最初, this devastating drama by Jack Thorne and Marc Munden zooms in on the sweet, beautifully rendered relationship between Jodie Comer’s newbie nurse Sarah and Tony (Stephen Graham), who has early onset Alzheimer’s. 然而, it widens to incorporate the impossible situation faced by carers and their patients during Covid. Simmering with anger but palpably full of love for the people in the eye of the storm. 菲尔·哈里森(Phil Harrison)

More statutory rights shenanigans, as Lycett sticks up for the duped, like a one-man That’s Life (albeit with the help of assistant Mark Silcox). 本星期, Sarah Millican picks over Virgin Media’s T&Cs, while the comedian Sophie Duker looks at scammers selling your data on the dark web. 阿里·卡特尔(Ali Catterall)

Having lost his father to the Troubles, Kielty knows better than most that turbulence around the border between Ireland and mainland Britain has potentially awful consequences. 这里, he investigates the Brexit-imposed trade border in the Irish Sea and talks to loyalists involved in unrest. PH值

The secret of this successful reboot of the bucolic 70s classic is its reluctance to deviate too much from the original formula. As a new series begins, an old mentor makes James a tempting offer. But don’t be too surprised if the lure of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales remains too strong to resist. PH值

An unashamedly macho travelogue that manages to be moderately entertaining despite leaving very few Texan cliches untouched. 今晚, the visiting chef Ramsay dons his cowboy hat, rides a horse called Mouse, scoffs beanless chilli and tries to catch a rattlesnake. PH值

Sandi Toksvig’s S-based series continues with secrets, spies and sleuths. Donning the mysterious macs and brandishing comedy magnifying glasses are James Acaster, Daliso Chaponda and Cariad Lloyd, who make a top-quality panel. Alan Davies is, 当然, in the house too, his baffled face providing joy amid the quirky facts. 汉娜·维迪耶(Hannah Verdier)

Youth (Paolo Sorrentino, 2015), 1.30是, 电影4

Paolo Sorrentino’s visually seductive excursion into elderly reverie plays out in a Swiss spa. Michael Caine is a composer undergoing a luxurious health check and hanging out with a movie-director friend (哈维凯特尔). The old geezers gaze on young women and ponder their lost youth in an effortlessly elegant work. 保罗·霍利特

Women’s ODI Cricket: England v New Zealand, 12.30下午, 天空体育主赛事 Live from Bristol.

骑自行车: Tour of Luxembourg, 1.30下午, 欧洲体育 1 Featuring a 189.3km route from Mondorf-les-Bains to Mamer.

Europa League Football: Dinamo Zagreb v West Ham United, 5.15下午, BT体育 2 With Leicester City v Napoli to follow.