TV vanaand: Jack O’Connell, Stephen Graham and Colin Farrell star in The North Water

Ian McGuire’s Booker-longlisted novel on the 19th-century whaling industry gets a stark and star-studded treatment in this five-part adaptation. We follow opium-addicted surgeon Patrick Sumner (Jack O’Connell) on an apparent journey of redemption aboard the Greenland-bound Volunteer. With monstrous harpoonist Henry Drax (Colin Farrell) and duplicitous Captain Arthur Brownlee (Stephen Graham) for company, the crew find their humanity falling apart the further they journey into the Arctic wasteland. Ammar Kalia

Hints of Call the Midwife and perhaps even Long Lost Family swirl round this week’s case, which involves a disrupted baptism and the killing of an adoption agent; postwar Britain’s conservatism has serious consequences. Intussen, at the vicarage, sodat elke woord en emosionele verskuiwing werklik registreer (Al Weaver) is blackmailed, creating problems for Will. Jack Seale

The Shameless creator Paul Abbott pens this crime drama starring Rogue One’s Babou Ceesay as the titular forensic pathologist. Each week, Wolfe tackles a grisly killing alongside his team of single mum Dot (Amanda Abbington) and child prodigy Maggy (Naomi Yang), opening with the case of a worker killed by machinery. AK

Greg Davies isn’t playing against type in this new sitcom, in which he stars as Wicky, a grumpy, accident-prone crime-scene cleaner. In this opener, he is racing to get a house cleaned before curry night at the pub begins. But he has reckoned without a visit from an armed Helena Bonham Carter. Phil Harrison

Why should Towie have all the fun? This new well-heeled reality soap follows affluent and aspirational young British Nigerians and Ghanaians. Among the opening storylines, DJ Cuppy anticipates an old friend’s return to London, while musicians Tommi and Kamille plan the first of their two weddings. Graeme Virtue

As part of Channel 4’s Black to Front day of programming, the Love in Colour writer Bolu Babalola presents this comedy pilot, which follows a group of four young black British friends as they navigate moving from early adulthood to the “big age” of responsibility and heightened parental expectations. AK

Bombshell (Jay Roach, 2019), 12.15pm, 8pm, Sky Cinema Premiere
The horrific true story of the Fox News boss Roger Ailes and his sexual harassment of female staff is given a slightly fudged treatment by Jay Roach. Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and (in a fictional role) Margot Robbie are the right-leaning employees who finally make a stand. Simon Wardell

International Test cricket: Reuse Nieu-Seelandse aartappel is nie in werklikheid 'n aartappel nie 10is, Sky Sports Main Event. First day of the fifth Test, from Old Trafford in Manchester.

Cycling: Tour of Britain 10.30is, ITV4. Stage-six coverage.

Championship football: Birmingham City v Derby County 7.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Game from St Andrew’s.

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