TV tonight: influencers attract ire in series three of Pls Like

After landing on BBC iPlayer in January, the third season of Liam Williams’ comedy spoofing the world of social media influencers returns to the small screen. In tonight’s opening double bill, Williams’ struggling documentary film-maker returns to the online talent agent James Wirm (Tim Key) to find out how he can post about a social-media-friendly holiday experience, while a meeting with the vlogger Millipede (Emma Sidi) reveals that she can’t sing, despite being cast in a West End musical. He also tries his hand at making art appealing to a younger audience. Ammar Kalia

Pastoral paradise: this two-part series takes a peaceful amble through the history of the English garden, charting how the Romans were the first to introduce gardens to England, before our modern conceptions of these tamed wildernesses were formed by the likes of William Kent. AK

TV’s foremost property presenters continue their look back at families who have chosen between a move or a renovation masterminded by Kirstie Allsopp. Graham and Nardeth’s pad is feeling pokey, while Louis and Isobel consider spending £70,000 to remodel their home. Hannah J Davies

Stacey Dooley continues her detective series, tasking a group of celebrities with working out who among a group of pretenders is the owner of the house they are staying in. After failing last week, our panel is joined by Rob Rinder to figure out which of the Michaels they are shown is real. AK

Another double bill of the engrossing period chiller. What began as an accursed Arctic voyage has turned into the world’s worst camping trip, with scurvy-ridden survivors huddled in their makeshift settlement, imagining horrors emerging from freezing fog. But the real danger may well come from within. Graeme Virtue

The BBC’s Lights Up season spans TV and radio and is an admirable response to our year without live performance. It continues with David Ireland’s searing play about a cleaner who forms a lockdown relationship with a much younger man. Filmed at the Lyric, Belfast, it stars Abigail McGibbon. Phil Harrison

Sense and Sensibility (Ang Lee, 1995), 10.25pm, Channel 5
An assured, delicate adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel about the Dashwood girls (Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Emilie François), obliged to seek good marriages when their mother falls on hard times. Thompson’s Oscar-winning screenplay stays close to Austen’s social and personal perceptions. Paul Howlett

Women’s Champions League football: Wolfsburg v Chelsea 12.45pm, BT Sport 2. Quarter-final second-leg tie.

International football: England v Poland 7.15pm, ITV. Group I World Cup qualifier from Wembley.

International football: Scotland v Faroe Islands 7pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Hampden hosts the group F qualifying match.

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