TV tonight: how Tony Blair reinvented the Labour party

“A new dawn has broken, has it not?” Well, maybe. But Tony Blair’s triumphalism on the morning of his election victory in 1997 came at a cost – and the Labour party is arguably paying the price to this day. This series speaks to most of the originators of New Labour, tracking Blair and Gordon Brown’s progress from the party’s humbling in 1983. The modern resonances (pragmatism v radicalism; innovation v tradition) are impossible to ignore. Phil Harrison

The leadership situation of the Cornley Drama Society remains volatile. “The cast came crawling back to me,” smirks Chris. However, Robert is not taking his relegation lying down. Shakespeare (but the lesser known Simon Shakespeare) is the ersatz backdrop to tonight’s spoof am-dram chaos but, as ever, the mayhem is all the cast’s own work. PH

Another fascinating but traumatic case for the hard-pressed Luton rozzers. A brutal fight erupts in the town, involving men wielding hammers and knives. It feels like more than just drunken aggro and the cause is traced to the fried chicken trade. But the police are short of bodies – can they gather enough evidence to press charges? PH

Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi are among the regular troupe who star in this offbeat, costume-heavy anthology comedy. After previous bizarre tales set in heaven and the dark ages, season three moseys up to the wild west. Can Radcliffe’s stressed preacher lead a ragtag wagon train to prosperity? Graeme Virtue

The comedy becomes more of a dramedy this week, with the normal rude laughs giving way to a (slightly) more measured look at how Alma (Sophie Willan) has spent her life looking after her mother Lin (Siobhan Finneran). Lin’s sectioning might be lifted, but that only brings new problems. Jack Seale

Self-described “nerds” do well on this show. It’s the combination of humility and humour that wins out. So call centre worker Zoe should be happily-ever-after with Mike from Grimsby and accountant Tessa could even hit it off with dapper Jason. But will singer Saskia form a double act with stage magician Luke? Ellen E Jones

IPL Cricket: Delhi Capitals v Chennai Super Kings, 3pm, Sky Sports Main Event The T20 match from Dubai.

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