TV stasera: how can repeat offenders adjust to life outside prison?

If watching Jimmy McGovern’s outstanding drama Time has left you feeling frustrated about the state of the British justice system, this instalment of the always fascinating Crime and Punishment docuseries will only compound the exasperation. Di 60% of those who leave British prisons after serving short sentences reoffend within a year. We follow three repeat offenders in Hampshire who are trying to adjust to life outside. Ammar Kalia

Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp continue to look back on two decades of enriching middle-class lives with exactly the right properties. This week’s theme is relocating to the UK, with house hunters coming from Canada, the Netherlands, France and elsewhere. Jack Seal

It is closing time for this fast-paced crime thriller. As the undercover cops prepare to gazump the Mimicas’ nefarious drug-smuggling operation, they are also minutes away from a nasty surprise. It is up to Billy and Christian to help Hannah turn the tables on them in a dramatic final showdown. Ali Catterall

A delicate and intimate profile of seven-year-old Sasha, a French girl who was assigned male at birth and is coming to terms with her gender dysmorphia while attempting to adhere to the societal norms of childhood. The film-maker Sébastien Lifshitz captures hopefulness while gesturing towards the struggles to come. SE

The enjoyably daft series about time-travelling misfit superheroes returns. In keeping with its hedonistic tone, season six begins with an almighty team hangover in 1977 Londra. Sara (Caity Lotz) has been abducted, but her queasy crew have a notable eyewitness: David Bowie. Graeme virtù

Sheridan Smith narrates this two-part documentary exploring the rare phenomenon of conjoined twins. We follow the work of surgeons at Great Ormond Street hospital in London, who undertake risky procedures to separate the babies, including three-year-old twins Callie and Carter. SE

The Handmaiden (Park Chan-wook, 2016) 11.10pm, Film4
Il Oldboy director Park Chan-wook’s compelling, fervid thriller relocates Sarah Waters’ Victorian-era novel Fingersmith to Japan-controlled 30s Korea. A conman’s plot to trick an heiress into marriage and then commit her to an asylum requires a female pickpocket who will become the heiress’s maid. But everyone has their secrets. Simon Wardell

Cricket: England v India 1.30pm, Evento principale di Sky Sport. Second women’s match in the three-game ODI series.

Ciclismo: Tour de France 2pm, ITV4. Stage-five coverage from Change to Laval Espace Mayenne.

Baseball: Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs 7pm, BT Sport ESPN. National League match from American Family Field.

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