TV vanaand: Eric Collins visits struggling businesses in Manchester

Playing like an in-depth version of Dragons’ Den, this series sees the entrepreneur and investor Eric Collins visiting a different struggling business in the UK each week, offering his investment to see them through the economic consequences of the pandemic. Tonight, Eric is in Manchester visiting repair and restoration company Prymo. Its CEO, Jasen, claims the company is busy but it isn’t able to expand, leading to a prickly exchange between the pair, and one that could see Eric’s investment squandered. Ammar Kalia

The finale of Kay Mellor’s drama quickly confirms that the staff of Woodvale Kennels have secured their millions, leaving plenty of time for the tackling of loose ends. In keeping with the overall tone of the show, the resolutions range from heartwarming to underwhelming and, in one case, plain bizarre. Jack Seale

The final episode of makeup artist Lisa Eldridge’s historical exploration of cosmetics reaches the 20th century and the moment when modern makeup became a part of everyday life. Eldridge examines how the post-second world war liberation of women saw makeup popularised before Hollywood glamour altered our ideals. AK

The psychologist and bestselling author Steven Pinker presents this fascinating two-part series, analysing the titular paradox which insists that in spite of instances of violence being constantly in the news, we may be living in the most peaceful period in human existence. Pinker opens with data from Old Bailey cases. AK

This patchy drama starring Bryan Cranston as a judge facing an impossible ethical dilemma after his son is involved in a hit and run accident reaches its conclusion. Michael (Cranston) and Adam (Hunter Doohan) are struggling to keep their stories straight. But as Carlo’s trial ends, the stakes keep getting higher. PH

A new series following young Welsh entrepreneurs begins with them in lockdown, but there’s no stopping the money making. Nanial is rummaging through a warehouse to find vintage clothes, while Alaw is unpacking her new haul of lingerie ready to drop content on her OnlyFans account. Hannah Verdier

Jackie Brown (Quentin Tarantino, 1997), 10.30is, Sky Cinema Greats
Quentin Tarantino’s drama is one of the best screen adaptations of Elmore Leonard’s work. Pam Grier is the heroine, trying to make a living, then a killing, in Los Angeles gangsterland. The music is soulful, the dialogue crackles and the characters – including Samuel L Jackson’s deadly arms dealer – are on the money. Paul Howlett

Cricket; Sunrisers Hyderabad v Mumbai Indians 3pm, Sky Sports Main Event. IPL match from Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi.

National League football: Notts County v Sutton 4.30pm, BT Sport 1. Clash from Meadow Lane.

Champions League football: Manchester City v Paris Saint-Germain 7pm, BT Sport 2. Semi-final from the Etihad Stadium.

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