TV esta noche: Ellie Simmonds investigates the drug that could end dwarfism

“I’m pretty much against it,” Olympian swimmer Ellie Simmonds says at the start of this documentary exploring vosoritide, a drug that promises to make children with dwarfism grow closer to average height. “Is it changing being a dwarf? I’m not a fan of that.” But she’s open to all sides of the debate and meets families who say the drug could improve their lives. All the while, aunque, Simmonds asks if this is another way in which “the average-sized world is trying to change people like me rather than accepting us”. Hollie Richardson

In a Bake Off first, Matt Lucas is made to enter the tent as a contestant instead of a host, following a last-minute cancellation. Lucas goes up against Annie Macmanus, Ed Gamble and Example, as they each need to pull off a showstopper that represents their lives before fame. HR

It’s the second and concluding part of a compelling deep dive into the legacy of Mary Whitehouse, the controversial campaigner against the sexual revolution. We pick up in the 1970s, when Whitehouse reached “fame” status, and follow as her movement gets closer to Margaret Thatcher. HR

The offbeat sitcom, set in the 1640s, continues as it follows Tim Key’s failing witchfinder Gideon Bannister as he transports suspected witch Thomasine Gooch (Daisy May Cooper) to trial in Chelmsford. In tonight’s penultimate episode, Gideon gives Thomasine a taste of freedom, before she is captured by a rival witchfinder. Ammar Kalia

After waking from a nightmare in which she is baptised – or drowned – Sasha Clayton decides to ditch escorting and follow her dreams, in the final episode of Nicôle Lecky’s powerful drama. sin embargo, as Kobi tells her: “You’re never going to be a singer if you don’t believe in yourself.” Can she find the strength within? Ali Catterall

This series follows families from five of Britain’s major religions through big life occasions. Esta noche, couple Grace and Jess move into a London canal boat ahead of their wedding. “Jesus was born in a stable – pretty sure he would’ve lived in a boat,” quips Jess. Desafortunadamente, they find no word from JC on how to stay dry while piloting a barge. Alexi Duggins

99 Homes (Ramin Bahrani, 2014) 11.15pm, BBC dos

Ramin Bahrani’s plucked-from-the-headlines drama brings a personal touch to the statistics about the many Americans made homeless by the late-00s financial crash. The ever-relatable Andrew Garfield plays Florida construction worker Dennis, who is evicted with his family by real estate broker Rick Carver (Michael Shannon at his most cynical). In his desperation, Dennis ends up working for Carver, profiting from the misery of others in an unregulated, capitalist free-for-all. It’s a cautionary tale of gaining the whole world but losing your soul, à la Glengarry Glen Ross, viewed with a clinical eye. Simon Wardell

Champions League Football – Man City v Atlético Madrid, Tue, 7pm, BT deporte 2

Quarter-final, first-leg tie from Etihad Stadium. Benfica v Liverpool is on BT Sport 3 from the Estádio de Luz in Lisbon.

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