TV esta noche: David Attenborough sobre la sorprendente vida de las libélulas

Los insectos de ojos saltones que son libélulas y caballitos del diablo han estado en nuestra tierra por 330 millones de años, dando testimonio de todo, desde la extinción de los dinosaurios hasta la revolución industrial. David Attenborough narrates this documentary, using high-speed cameras to chart the behaviours of the insects across one summer at a lake. We witness the common blue damselfly’s heart-shaped mating ritual, before moving onto the magisterial emperor dragonfly. Ammar Kalia

Series two continues, with the haunted detective Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) anxious to leave the search for Emma’s sons in the past – while Emma maintains he owes her. En otra parte, in another timeline, Julien and Zsofia have located the tattooed man, just as Zsofia’s father is being threatened by a gang of thugs… Ali Catterall

Ben Miller’s fastidious Cambridge Professor Jasper Tempest continues his crime solving, aided by former student-turned-cop Lisa Donckers (Emma Naomi). In this week’s episode, a librarian is poisoned during a drinks reception and Miller is called in to help – a decision that ruffles some important feathers. SI

A chance reunion between June (Elisabeth Moss) and Moira (Samira Wiley) provides a much-needed bright spot in another heavy-going episode of the dystopian drama. Freedom of a kind is finally within grasp for June, but only if she can face Luke again, with their promise still unfulfilled. Ellen E Jones

American Thomas Randolph has been married six times but four of his wives have died in suspicious circumstances. Dubbed the “Black Widower” by the press, this series investigates Randolph’s role in the deaths, beginning with his sixth wife Sharon, who was found dead by a gunshot wound in 2008. SI

The Sons of Anarchy spinoff continues in the way that only a Sons of Anarchy spinoff can, with absurd twists and frequent gun-toting making for a very macho soap opera. Angel is incandescent with rage following EZ’s shooting, while Isaac demands that Coco procure more drugs for him. Hannah J. Davies

This Is England, 12midnight, Canal 4

The first of Shane Meadows’s brilliant social documentary dramas is set in a bleak Midlands town in 1983. Shaun, a lonely 12-year-old, is adopted by a group of friendly, multiracial skinheads, but is then drawn into violent National Front company. It’s a grim and touching portrait of working-class despair. Paul Howlett

Juegos Olímpicos 2020 12.15pm, BBC One. Taekwondo finals at Makuhari Messe Hall.

Grillo: London Spirit v Oval Invincibles 2pm, BBC dos. Men’s The Hundred match at Lord’s.

World Matchplay Darts 8.30pm, Evento principal de Sky Sports. Coverage of the grand final, from the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

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