TV tonight: cyber laughs with David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed

David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed return for a second season of their tech espionage comedy, pairing slick National Security Agency man Jerry Bernstein (Schwimmer) with hapless GCHQ recruit Joseph Harries (Mohammed). Having only just avoided extradition to the US on charges of treason, Jerry, in tonight’s opening double bill, now has to stop Russian intelligence from utilising a cybersecurity weapon he helped to design. Things become more complicated when they realise there might be a Russian mole in their midst. Ammar Kalia

The four remaining teams take on the highlight of the professionals’ competition this week: chocolate. Judges Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden task the groups to make a tall, mechanical showpiece with a moving part out of the temperamental foodstuff. AK

It is Easter bank holiday at Coventry’s University Hospital and after a pandemic lull emergency department admissions are returning to pre-Covid levels. The number of patients presenting with mental health needs is a particular concern, with staff struggling to access vital resources. Graeme Virtue

A new season of the police documentary begins with South Yorkshire police investigating neighbourhood feuds. Officers are called out when a woman reports that one of her neighbours is smashing cars with a hammer, while a brawl stems from a family feud. AK

We’ve been urged to consider the importance of hand-washing over the past year. So it’s fitting that the final episode of this series begins with a grim story about hospital hygiene. As ever, David Olusoga and Steven Johnson bring the past vividly to life. Phil Harrison

Another quick, overexcited double bill telling spooky true-ish stories set in remote places. Visitors to the vast Apache-Sitgreaves national forests in Arizona claim to have encountered aliens there among the trees . Meanwhile, are ghosts on the loose in Cleveland national forest? We hear from the “witnesses”. Jack Seale

21 Grams (Alejandro González Iñárritu, 2003) 1am, Great! Movies
A traumatic incident yokes flawed lives together: Benicio Del Toro’s alcoholic ex-con, Sean Penn’s ailing teacher and Naomi Watts’s mysterious housewife. Told in intriguingly fragmented fashion, this is a brilliantly crafted study of guilt and redemption from Alejandro González Iñárritu. Paul Howlett

Hockey: Spain v England 3.45pm, BT Sport 1. Men’s EuroHockey Championship Pool A match.

International football: Hungary v Republic Of Ireland 7pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Followed by France v Bulgaria at 9pm.

Tennis: French Open 8pm, Eurosport 1. Men’s second quarter final match at Roland-Garros.

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