TV tonight: Connie Nielson and Christopher Eccleston star in amnesiac thriller

“What the hell have you been up to, Jo, and who have you been up to it with?” That’s the question tormenting Connie Nielsen in the first of this six-part drama. After waking up in a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs, she can’t remember any of the last year’s events. Has the gardener been tending to more than just her lobelia? Is the lumpy jacket of her suspiciously meek husband (Christopher Eccleston) hiding dark secrets? What’s with weird Wendy next door? And how did the damn dog really die? Determined to solve the puzzle of her former life, Jo draws up a timeline on the kitchen wall and fills in the gaps with anything that comes to her. Bring on the steamy flashbacks. Hollie Richardson

Following the opener’s corker of a cliffhanger, the pace slows down a beat as detectives search for more evidence with which to pin down Talitha (Céline Buckens). What’s more intriguing here is the curious growing relationship of trust between stomach-churning brat Talitha and her seemingly no-nonsense, hard-working defence lawyer Cleo (Tracy Ifeachor). HR

The sci-fi drama continues with the Sontarans making an unwelcome return to the series, as part of a new faction in the Crimean war. With the British Army going into battle with them, the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her companions seek help from renowned nurse Mary Seacole (Sara Powell). HR

Gary Lineker hosts this new quiz where contestants sit in a line, with the person at the front answering multiple-choice questions. Get one wrong and you go to the back. Whoever’s in the hot seat at the end wins up to £100,000. As that point approaches, usually in the last five minutes, it gets fairly exciting. Jack Seale

Explorer Steve Backshall’s new series aims to undo years of post-Jaws bad press. This is seemingly doable when he meets the docile Caribbean reef shark, but will the great hammerhead – which can smell a single drop of blood in an area the size of an Olympic swimming pool – be as cooperative? Hannah J Davies

The Bafta-nominated drama anthology returns with a triple bill. The first sees Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood as teenager Jane, terrorised by her troubled, fascist-adjacent mother (Rosie Cavaliero). Amid their small-town hellscape, however, there is a glimmer of hope in the shape of Nish (Nikhil Parmar), in Samantha O’Rourke’s brilliant, brutal one-off. HJD

I Was a Male War Bride

3.55pm, Talking Pictures TV

What a joy it is to see Cary Grant playing off a strong female lead. To the likes of Katharine Hepburn and Irene Dunne can be added Ann Sheridan in Howard Hawks’s 1949 comedy, set in postwar Berlin. Her US Army officer has a working relationship of “sexual antagonism”, as she dubs it, with Cary Grant’s French captain, which predictably leads to love. Grant’s often subversive take on masculinity in his roles is to the fore here – to the extent of him donning female clothing – in a hugely entertaining caper. Simon Wardell

FA Cup Football: Sheffield Wednesday v Plymouth Argyle 11.30am, ITV. First-round tie from Hillsborough.

Women’s Super League Football: Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United 12noon, BBC Two. Action from the Hive Stadium.

International Rugby Union: Scotland v Australia 2.15pm, Amazon Prime Video. Coverage from Murrayfield.

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