TV stasera: comic catastrophe in a country house caper

A welcome return for the heroically overambitious Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, whose misconceived genre pieces, scenery-chewing performances and internal power struggles create exquisitely calibrated chaos. Questa sera, they’re attempting a country house drama. But Robert is in charge and keen to make sure everyone does things his way. The overall effect is simultaneously gently comic and oddly experimental; like an avant garde theatre troupe gleefully parodying light-ent cliches. Great fun. Phil Harrison

Ding-ding, round one: the battered corpse of a boxer who took the ultimate fall sends the Lyell Centre crew into overdrive. Fight fan Jack sniffs around a local gym while Nikki seeks out a skilled forensic ecologist who might require a bit of coaching to go near a dead body. Graeme virtù

The history of the top football division ends with one of its most hilarious rivalries: Arsène Wenger v Alex Ferguson. When an unknown Frenchman takes over at Arsenal and makes his players swap beer for broccoli, it raises the bar and introduces a dread possibility: Manchester United might lose. Jack Seal

The boisterous cooking and travel show returns with Ramsay, D’Acampo and Sirieix leaping into their camper van and gambolling around Greece. They begin in Crete, making pastry and diving for lobsters. It’s formulaic but enjoyable enough if you can handle the alpha male jousting. PH

This strand has a record of turning up remarkable stories. Tonight’s series opener is no exception, a brutal crime and a cautionary tale about social media. When a man is captured on CCTV carrying out a horrifying assault, the police draw a blank. But what about when the images are shared on Facebook? PH

Life is looking up for Alma when she discovers the Bolton acting school just as the escort business is booming. And when a handsome client with a penchant for champagne makes a repeat booking, it looks as if she has bagged her very own Richard Gere. Her fate is bleak but delivered with comedy sparkle. Hannah Verdier

Premier League football: Crystal Palace v Brighton & Hove Albion 7pm, Evento principale di Sky Sport. Fast-improving Brighton visit Selhurst Park.

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