TV tonight: Brassic is back for more brilliantly daft hijinks

Another series of hidden-economy hijinks as this daft, likable comedy romp returns. Joe Gilgun’s Vinnie is out of prison, but there’s a snag – his nemesis, DCI Slater, has been nursing a grudge. So what better time to embark on a scheme to steal frozen bull semen? In fact, why not go one step further and steal the bull? The plotting isn’t exactly subtle, but Gilgun is impossible to dislike – and you’ll learn a bunch of amusing euphemisms. Phil Harrison

Angela Scanlon helps Victoria and Raheel find space for a growing family in their Milton Keynes home. It’s a familiar dilemma for homeowners, but virtual reality design is a modern solution. Can this team of inventive architects headed by Damion Burrows and Will Foster help envisage a better layout for the family’s evolving requirements? Ellen E Jones

There’s been some big history since Up … began, but this is the first time a pandemic has had an impact on these case studies’ lives. It convinced Orala, 28, that life was too short, so she committed herself to making music. Meanwhile, lockdown gave Hannah the push she needed to make a life change. Ali Catterall

A documentary exploring the investigation into the horrifying crimes of Reynhard Sinaga. While the true extent of Sinaga’s offences will probably never be known, in 2020 he was prosecuted for 159 counts of rape against 48 men. This film tracks Greater Manchester police’s investigation and Sinaga’s conviction. PH

There’s a significant development in the hunt for Hollington Drive’s missing child as this well-realised, gratuitously bleak drama continues. But it’s a development of the very worst kind and it makes Theresa and Helen’s attempts to make sense of their children’s conflicting stories more urgent. Meanwhile, the police are asking even more difficult questions. PH

Seemingly planned as a companion piece to Alice Levine’s series exploring British sexuality and likely to prompt pearl-clutching all over the country, this dating show helps polyamorous couples, erm, “throuple up”. But how does an extra love interest avoid becoming a third wheel? Desiree Burch supervises. PH

Selma (Ava DuVernay, 2014), 11.15pm, BBC Two
Ava DuVernay continues the quest to bring the history of the US civil rights movement to the big screen with her 2014 drama about Martin Luther King’s 1965 voting rights marches from Selma to Montgomery in Alabama. She has conjured a rousing tale, which covers the headline names but also gives agency to the black people on the ground, suffering and dying for justice. However, it revolves around King, with all his frailties and fortitude, in a bravura performance from David Oyelowo. Simon Wardell

IPL cricket: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Sunrisers Hyderabad Wed, 3pm, Sky Sports Main Event. More T20 from Abu Dhabi.

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