TV tonight: blind creatives on working without limits

“The blind are capable of absolutely anything”. This statement might seem like it needs qualification but since it’s made by Chris Fisher, a blind wood-turner, it feels pretty emphatic. This unsentimental, engaging and cheerful film is fronted by TV director Jamie O’Leary whose own failing eyesight has led him to wonder what his future holds. Alongside blind comic Jamie MacDonald, he meets a blind photographer, a blind rapper and a blind opera singer and proves that hardly anything is off limits. Phil Harrison

Just when everyone thought Attenborough had hung up his binoculars, he started a new project revisiting famous natural wonders with fresh technology. This stunning special episode sees a return to his favourite place, the Great Barrier Reef, to see what the future holds. Magical. Hannah Verdier

Tchéky Karyo’s gloomy investigator Julien Baptiste continues his hunt for the family of ambassador Emma Chambers (Fiona Shaw). This week, the search leads him into the murky world of far-right politics after suggestions that an apparent plot by Islamists might be a false-flag conspiracy. Complex and downbeat fare. PH

What dramatic circumstance would the meticulous control freak Professor Jasper Tempest (Ben Miller) find most stressful to deal with? Besides having to live with the untidy habits of his mother (Frances de la Tour), that is? A chaotic hostage situation, of course. His unconventional negotiating tactics don’t go down well. Ellen E Jones

Season four’s well-earned visceral catharsis is in sight as June (Elisabeth Moss) achieves freedom in Canada. It’s a development that makes this episode genuinely disorienting – like coming round after almost drowning. But inevitably, June doesn’t rest for long before starting to organise vengeance. Jack Seale

The sub two-hour marathon was often regarded as the last remaining holy grail of modern athletics. In 2019 it was finally achieved, by the Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge. But how did it happen? This documentary explores the background to Kipchoge’s historic run. PH

A Chump at Oxford, 4pm, Talking Pictures TV

Laurel and Hardy go to university in this likable late-career comedy, as their accidental capture of a bank robber leads to the reward of a top English education. Plus Stan gets a rare chance to lord it over Ollie, when a bang to the head gives him a pompous, aristocratic personality. Simon Wardell

Olympics 2020, 9am, BBC Two. Gymnastics and athletics action from Tokyo.

The Hundred Cricket: Birmingham Phoenix v Trent Rockets, 2.10pm, BBC Two. Moeen Ali and Joe Root face off.

Formula 1: The Hungarian Grand Prix, 2pm, Sky Sports Main Event. From Hungaroring in Mogyorod.

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