TV stasera: an intimate portrait of World Cup winner Jack Charlton

A frank and intimate profile of the World Cup-winning England footballer Jack Charlton, filmed in England and Ireland over 18 months before he died in July 2020. Starting with his controversial appointment as the manager of the Republic of Ireland men’s team in 1985, it charts Charlton’s subsequent success with the side, as well as examining his sometimes strained relationship with his brother – and fellow England star – Bobby. Sua moglie, Pat, and his son John provide insight into the challenges posed by dementia towards the end of his life. Ammar Kalia

If you thought the shocking events of last week’s episode would stop them uncovering the culprit in Matthew Walsh’s murder, then you don’t know much about how DCI Cassie Stuart runs her cop shop. It is all about teamwork at Bishop Street station. That, and one final, crucial piece of evidence from the pathologist Leanne. Ellen E Jones

There is a gunman loose in Luton in this real-life crime docuseries. He has random strangers in his sights, including the man fighting for life after being shot at point-blank range and the woman he asked: “Are you a wolverine or wolf?” while holding a gun to her head. Ali Catterall

An absorbing documentary follows the staff of a Romanian newspaper as they give their government the full Woodward and Bernstein treatment, revealing that hospital infections are being caused by widespread corruption and profiteering. A hopeful reminder of the power of journalism. Jack Seal

SW3’s wealthiest influencers won’t let the pandemic keep them from another bout of romantic betrayals and gleeful gossip as a new series of Made in Chelsea begins. Filmed on a rural estate in the Cotswolds where the cast is bubbling, Miles kicks things off by making a pass at Reza’s girlfriend, Ruby. SE

Amir Khan, the former world champion boxer, gets the reality TV treatment in this new series, allowing the cameras to follow him, his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, and their two daughters. Tonight’s double bill opens with Khan trying to plan a surprise birthday party for Faryal in Dubai. SE

The Damned United (Tom Hooper, 2009), 12.10sono, BBC Two
This imagined account of Brian Clough’s hellish 44-day stint as manager of Leeds United reeks of the sweat and embrocation of 70s football and makes for an astringent alternative to the glitzy modern game. Michael Sheen gives everything to his portrayal of Clough, a fine balance between football visionary and curmudgeon. Paul Howlett

Cricket: West Indies v Sri Lanka 2.45pm, BT Sport 1. First day’s coverage of the final test in the series.

Netball: Saracens Mavericks v Severn Stars 5pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Followed by London Pulse v Leeds Rhinos at 6.45pm.

Basketball: Boston Celtics v New Orleans Pelicans 12.30sono, Sky Sports Main Event. Inter-conference NBA match.

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