Turning point for Trump as business and CFO indicted

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Die Trump Organisasie en sy finansiële hoof, Allen Weisselberg, have reportedly been charged in a tax-related investigation following a three-year investigation into Donald Trump’s company.

The reported indictment, by a grand jury in Manhattan, is expected to be unsealed on Thursday afternoon after a court appearance by Weisselberg and lawyers for the Trump Organization, according to the New York Times. It is expected to involve alleged tax violations in relation to benefits the company gave to top executives.

Although no charges are expected to be brought against Trump, it marks a significant turning point for the former president and a severe blow to his family business.

A court filing has revealed that a judge has ontken Britney Spears’ request to remove her father Jamie from overseeing her conservatorship.

It comes a week after Britney Spears delivered dramatic testimony in a Los Angeles court in which she called the conservatorship “abusive”.

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction has been overturned by a Pennsylvania court after serving two years of his prison sentence.

The actor had vowed to serve all 10 years of a three- to 10-year sentence rather than acknowledge any remorse. But his conviction was overturned on Wednesday after Pennsylvania’s highest court found an agreement with a previous prosecutor preventing him from being charged.

He was subsequently released and returned to his home.

Donald Rumsfeld, who was US defense secretary twice and a key architect of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has died bejaardes 88.

The Republican, who served under the presidents Gerald Ford and George W Bush, died in Taos, New Mexico, surrounded by his family, they said on Wednesday.

Bush led tributes to Rumsfeld, whom he described as “a man of intelligence, integrity, and almost inexhaustible energy”.

Intussen, 70% of the salmon found in traps by the Yurok tribe in the first two weeks of May were dead. Salmon in the Klamath Basin, on the border between California and Oregon, contend with poor water quality, slow-moving water and high water temperatures, write Jeremy Deaton and Briana Flin.

To many, the hug used to be a ubiquitous feature of day-to-day life. But since the pandemic, etiquette around embracing others has changed, writes the enthusiastic hugger Adrienne Matei, who plans to return to hugging when it’s safe to do so but plans to ask for permission first. “Rather than barrel into embraces, I’ll first be asking if it’s OK. Boundary-setting is only awkward if we make it awkward.”

After a bad night’s sleep, strenuous exercise is unlikely to be top of the to-do list. But an 11-year study of 380,055 mense, published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that exercising (150 minutes of brisk walking or 75 minutes of running a week) can counteract the negative effects of poor sleep, which can shorten lives. “Poor sleep has been linked with metabolic effects such as disturbed glucose control,” gesê Prof Mark Hamer, one of the authors of the study. “We know physical activity has favourable effects on many metabolic pathways.”

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