Tonight’s TV: the parents of high-school killers share their experiences

An intensely intimate and challenging film from Storyville, featuring the stories of three parents whose children have all perpetrated high school shootings in the US. Jeff Williams recounts how his son Andy orchestrated a school shooting in 2001 that killed two students and left another 13 wounded – resulting in a sentence of life imprisonment – while Sue Klebold’s son Dylan was one of the two teenagers behind the Columbine shooting in 1999. Ammar Kalia

The residents of the south-eastern Alaska wilderness continue their fight for survival among the elements in this documentary series. As temperatures continue to plummet, David rushes to restock his wood supplies, while Gary enlists help to reconstruct his greenhouse and Curly Leach thins out the mink population. AK

Phil and Kirstie’s lovable retrospective focuses on property hunters looking for homes with character this week. Among the buyers back for a catchup are Colin and Robin, who gave the duo the task of finding them a Victorian folly, and Pip, who searched for the rural dream. Hannah Verdier

Season six of the anarchic series about time-protecting oddballs now has a vague structure: the Legends must neutralise volatile aliens scattered throughout history. Spooner leads the gang to 50s California where a fast food concept has created a literal feeding frenzy. Graeme Virtue

Marking the return of visitors to the world’s largest annual flower show, held at Hampton Court, Joe Swift, Rachel de Thame, Adam Frost and Arit Anderson head up the coverage of this year’s horticultural entries. Plus, there are the community projects displayed in the Allotments section. AK

Back, once again, to Barnsley A&E to be reminded of the routine heroism of the staff within the NHS. Tonight, a nasty dog bite, a heavily bleeding arm injury, and a 78-year-old cyclist who has taken a tumble, but whose stoicism and good humour immediately charms the hospital staff. Phil Harrison

It Follows (9pm, Horror Channel)
David Robert Mitchell’s relentlessly tense horror focuses on a young woman (Maika Monroe) wie, after a one-night stand, is cursed to be pursued by an implacable creature only she can see. It will kill her unless she can pass it on to someone else through consensual sex. Terrifying. Simon Wardell

Tennis: Wimbledon 2021 1pm, BBC Two. Men’s singles quarter-finals coverage.

Rugby Union: Sharks v British & Ierse Leeus 6pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Second warm-up match.

Sokker: Engeland teen Denemarke From 6.30pm, ITV. Coverage of the second semi-final from Wembley. Kick-off at 8pm.

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