Tonight’s TV: Champion sprinter Jonnie Peacock mentors young Paralympic hopefuls

Ahead of the start of the delayed 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, champion Paralympic sprinter Jonnie Peacock leads this two-part documentary series, beginning a year-long training camp to help five young amputees become sprinters. In this first part, Jonnie meets the five hopefuls and gets them started running a race with their prosthetic blades. A visit to the motion capture lab at Roehampton University then helps the kids work on their potential muscle weaknesses and imbalances. Ammar Kalia

This week we meet a parrot with a 007 tag number but, unlike his namesake, James Bond the hyacinth macaw mates for life: he is currently mourning the late Miss Moneypenny. There’s less romance in the Malayan tapir enclosure, where 500kg Margery has been stealing her partner’s food. Ellen E Jones

Who better to lead a literary travelogue than Grant, who looks – to borrow a phrase – as though he owns many leather-bound books, and has an apartment that smells of rich mahogany. Esta semana, he retraces the steps of F Scott Fitzgerald, Alexandre Dumas and more in the south of France. Hannah J. Davies

The long hangover continues in the uneven Wall Street comedy starring Don Cheadle and Regina Hall. Mes (Cheadle) is still trying to party like it’s 1987 – but is struggling to keep up with Nomi. Dawn (Hall) is going to absurd lengths to convince her parole officer that her job is what it seems. Phil Harrison

The breakfast radio presenter investigates her lifelong struggle with insomnia in this documentary. Having survived on only a few hours of sleep for as long as she can remember, Maskell examines how Covid lockdowns may have exacerbated the problem. SI

This Bulgarian thriller is the latest of the Walter Presents foreign language acquisitions. When a body is discovered in the Rhodope mountains, detective Filip Chanov is dispatched to investigate. He identifies it as a retired police officer and a mutilation points towards a possible cult affiliation. PH

The Wild Bunch (10.45pm, TCM Movies)
Sam Peckinpah’s masterpiece: a glorious, bloody, elegiac western in which William Holden’s gang, out of time in Texas 1914, are drawn by their code of honour into a suicidal reckoning with despotic General Mapache. Robert Ryan is outstanding as the lawman forced to betray his old friends. Paul Howlett

Ciclismo: Tour of Denmark 2.50pm, Eurosport 1. Stage one coverage from Struer to Esbjerg.

Grillo: Manchester Originals v London Spirit 6pm, BBC dos. The Hundred match live from Old Trafford.

Swedish Speedway 6pm, Premier Sports. Round 13 coverage of Elite League racing.

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