To fight global crime, Taiwan must be included in Interpol

You rightly point out the concerns of human rights activists and international politicians that China could misuse Interpol’s capabilities to track down overseas dissidents if Hu Binchen is elected as an executive committee member (Chinese official seeks Interpol role, sparking fears for dissidents, 15 novembre). One should also note that Taiwan is not included in Interpol, meaning there is a missing part in the global fight against international crime and cybercrime.

As cybercrime transcends borders, transnational cooperation is key to bringing international crime rings to justice. Taiwan’s police authorities have a hi-tech crime investigation unit and professional cybercrime investigators. Taiwan’s expertise will benefit global efforts to build a safer cyberspace.

The global policing goals were endorsed by Interpol member countries in 2017, with the stated purpose of creating a safer and more sustainable world. No police agency or country should be excluded. We urge the international community to support Taiwan’s participation in Interpol.
Huang Chia-lu
Commissioner, Criminal Investigation Bureau, Taiwan

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