Thomas Tuchel says he is happier at Chelsea than he has been in years

“I love it when other people are happy,” Thomas Tuchel said, imagining the after-party if Chelsea beat Manchester City in the Liga de Campeones final on Saturday night. “It means more to me around Christmas that I have good presents for others. It’s very hard to give me a gift. Maybe I’m not the guy to dance on the table, but I will be so super-happy if we win and I see my team, my staff, the families, and when I feel what it means to my family. This is huge for me.”

Five months after arriving in London, Tuchel sounds as if he is in a good place. The acrimonious manner of his split from Paris Saint-Germain, OMS sacked him on Christmas Eve, is in the past. Tuchel has barely put a foot wrong since joining Chelsea in January and, in contrast to the snappy persona he often presented at PSG and Borussia Dortmund, is in a compelling and playful mood as he prepares to face City in Porto.

Almost everything suggests that Chelsea picked well when they replaced Frank Lampard with Tuchel. Although they lost the FA Cup final to Leicester hace quince días, ellos qualified for the Champions League last weekend and stand 90 minutes from becoming European champions for the second time.

Their revival is down to Tuchel, who has united the dressing room and created a tactically cohesive unit. “I like a lot that the players here don’t go by instinct into the same groups,” Chelsea’s manager said. “They mix and I’m very happy that I don’t have to do it. I told them after two or three days here: ‘I like this a lot and don’t change it.’”

The concern when Tuchel joined was whether he would be able to handle the internal politics at Stamford Bridge. He admitted at the time that he was surprised when Chelsea, languishing in ninth place, offered only an 18-month deal. Yet Tuchel, who began his management career at Mainz in 2009, got on with it. The abrasiveness that overshadowed his spells at Dortmund and PSG has not been seen and Tuchel would be happy to discuss an extensionthis summer.

“This is very easy," él dijo. “I’m so happy to be here. I never felt so good since I was in Mainz [he left in 2014] and this feels like the perfect place and the perfect moment for the perfect place. Whatever will come will come. We cannot force things, but this is my point of view.”

Tuchel, who studied for a business administration degree and briefly worked as a barman in Stuttgart after injury forced him to retire aged 25, es a football obsessive. It can be amusing to watch him hopping up and down on the touchline when Chelsea’s moves break down but he does not mind if his players think he is off the wall.

“It’s good if they laugh about me," él dijo. “We should not take ourselves too seriously. I feel respect if they don’t laugh about me in a disrespectful way. We laugh about each other and I need to laugh about myself. There is no funnier place than a dressing room. There is no funnier place on earth. It’s impossible.

“If they sometimes think the coach is crazy, good. If they sometimes are even a little bit in fear, good, even better. A little bit of fear is always good. And if we can laugh it out and if they are not scared to express their feelings, then it’s the way. We are all a little bit crazy.”

Tuchel won a domestic treble at PSG and took them to the Champions League final last season, losing to Bayern Munich. He has come a long way since starting as a youth coach at Stuttgart and announcing his talent by taking the Bundesliga by storm with Mainz. He manages international stars now and had to work out how to handle Neymar at PSG.

“It is correct that I try to treat Neymar the same way [as young players], but it’s maybe the other way around – I try to treat the young guy the same way I treat Neymar," él dijo. “But Neymar also gets some different treatment. Sometimes the more experienced players maybe have a bit of a tighter bond to me. With the younger players, it’s more: ‘Hey, I want you to do this.’”

Tuchel lives a quiet life away from football. He meditates, reads, spends time with his family and thinks about his team. “Normally during the season, I drink no alcohol," él dijo. “A glass of gin and tonic maybe but it’s almost zero.”

Yet Tuchel will let loose if Chelsea overcome City. He thinks about knocking back the gin and tonics. “We will have fun,” he promises.





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