This week’s home entertainment: from Bloods to Jupiter’s Legacy

Samson Kayo and Jane Horrocks pair up as accident-prone paramedics in this new sitcom, following them on callouts throughout south London. After Kayo’s longtime partner is hospitalised owing to a mistake on the job, he soon has to get used to his new, over-enthusiastic colleague Wendy (Horrocks). Lucy Punch co-stars.
Wednesday 5 五月, 10午後, Sky One

A second series of Dooley’s nosey show spending 72 hours in unusual homes across the UK. This time round she’s sleeping over with everyone from a “tradwife”, who idealises domesticity, to an orthodox Jewish couple with nine children, and a remote eco-warrior family.
月曜 3 五月, 10午後, W

The second season of this biographical drama celebrating the life of US icon Selena, AKA the Queen of Tejano music, captures a woman on the brink of global superstardom as she fights to remain true to herself. It is also tinged with sadness, covering the aftermath of her murder in 1995, aged just 23.
Tuesday 4 五月, Netflix

Two months after the New York Times’s Framing Britney Spears documentary comes journalist Mobeen Azhar’s attempt at analysing the conservatorship Spears has been held under for the last 13 年. Azhar travels to LA for a court hearing and is drawn into the #FreeBritney movement.
Wednesday 5 五月, 9午後, BBC Two

A sequel to 2008’s The Clone Wars, this animated series follows outsiders Clone Force 99, AKA the Bad Batch, a group of elite, genetically mutated clone troopers. In the aftermath of the clone wars, they must take on a series of mercenary missions to survive.
Tuesday 4 五月, Disney+

Designer Joel Bird, ecological gardener Poppy Okotcha and craftsman Bruce Kenneth are your experts in this weekly celebration of the humble garden. Each episode will offer tips on how to get the most from your outdoor space, as well as input from celeb guests.
Saturday 1 五月, 8午後, チャネル 4

This Spandex-obsessed sci-fi series – based on Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s comic books – focuses on the world’s first superheroes, The Union, formed in the 1930s. Fast-forward to the present day and it’s their reluctant offspring who must now take over. Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb star.
金曜日 7 五月, Netflix

Another week, another docuseries about a US serial killer. This one focuses on David Berkowitz, the self-proclaimed Son of Sam, who killed six people in a series of attacks in New York City between 1976 そして 1977. Did he act alone? Or was he part of a satanic cult?
Wednesday 5 五月, Netflix

The Oscar-nominated film-maker Raoul Peck brings this part-dramatised documentary examining the legacy of colonialism in the US and Africa. Starring Josh Hartnett in the scripted scenes, Peck draws on historical research from authors Sven Lindqvist, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Michel-Rolph Trouillot to unpick this brutal history.
Saturday 1 五月, 9午後, Sky Documentaries

After opening up earlier this year about the abuse he witnessed as a child, the footballing great shares more of his own story in this doc. Wright also focuses on the lives of children currently living in at-risk households during the pandemic.
Thursday 6 五月, 9午後, BBC One

Livvy Haydock presents this true-crime series telling the story of Paul Massey – nicknamed Salford’s Mr Big – the head of a powerful organised crime group overseeing the drug trade in Manchester and controlling many of the city’s clubs. With Massey seen by some as a Robin Hood figure, Haydock speaks to his criminal contemporaries to trace his notoriety.
All episodes available, BBC Sounds

Available in English, Spanish, Arabic and more, this ingenious fictional podcast takes the perspective of a daughter of a different immigrant family each series and tells their story to humanise the often sensationalised depictions of migrants in the media. Series three follows the story of a Muslim Egyptian daughter, Binty, during Ramadan.
Weekly, widely available

With local elections in England, Scotland and Wales this week, the Guardian’s political team of Jessica Elgot and Heather Stewart are on hand to unpack the latest developments in Westminster and beyond. Recent episodes have discussed the sleaze at the heart of Boris Johnson’s government, and David Cameron’s role at Greensill.
Weekly, the Guardian

The podcast offshoot of Katherine May’s brilliant book Wintering – a tender examination of our fallow seasons in life – brings on guests to talk about the trickiest periods they’ve faced, from the comic Angela Barnes on CBT and comedy to author Zeba Talkhani on online abuse and a poignant school incident.
Weekly, widely available

Australian comedian Chris Lilley resurrects his best character Ja’ime King, AKA Sydney’s own Gen Z­ icon and banter queen, for this potty-mouthed “wellness” podcast series. Each “totally quiche” 15-minute episode packs in sage advice on a litany of topics, including the language of farts, micropenises and guinea pig yoga.
Weekly, widely available

(12A) (Chloé Zhao) 107 分
Rightly laden with Oscars, this unhurried yet cumulatively moving, naturalistic US drama reveals the world of the “nomads”, the mostly middle-aged loners who live itinerant lives in their RVs, doing seasonal work and forming temporary communities. Frances McDormand has a beautiful stillness as Fern, on the wide open road and discovering if this is a meaningful life or just existence.
Star on Disney+

(16+) (Stefano Sollima) 110 分
From the “Jack Ryan universe”, the origin story of John Clark, US Navy Seal and avenging angel after his pregnant wife is killed by Russian operatives. Michael B Jordan brings a focused anger to the global conspiracy thrills that are in author Tom Clancy’s wheelhouse.
Amazon Prime Video

(No cert) (Lisa Immordino Vreeland) 86 分
An absorbing doc that traces the parallel lives of the two friends, and giants of 20th-century American literature, Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams. Their similarities and differences are teased out through their own words.
On digital

(15) (Eoin Macken) 96 分
A workmanlike coming-of-adulthood tale with splashes of Irvine Welsh drugs and violence. Dean-Charles Chapman is Dublin teen Matthew, torn between unstable best pal Kearney (Finn Cole) and sensible potential girlfriend Jen (Anya Taylor-Joy).
On digital

(No cert) (Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini) 119 分
Amanda Seyfried and James Norton star in this chiller about a married couple who move to a rural area, and into an old house with a gruesome past. Will it come back to haunt them?

Niki Caro’s New Zealand coming-of-age tale manages to balance a respect for traditional ways with a more hard-headed look at what modern life demands. Keisha Castle-Hughes, in her acting debut, is an unaffected presence as the 12-year-old granddaughter of a Maori tribal chief who is determined to be seen as his rightful heir, even though girls are not permitted to succeed as leader.
Thursday 6 五月, 9午後, AMC