Thieves in flat caps carry out daylight raid on Dutch art fair

Armed robbers wearing flat caps have staged a brazen daylight raid on an international art fair in the 자격, smashing a jewellery case with a sledgehammer in front of terrified visitors.

Police said they pulled over a car and arrested two Belgians in their 20s after the four smartly dressed thieves held up the the European fine art fair (Tefaf) in the southern city of Maastricht on Tuesday.

Dramatic social media images showed the robbers threatening people with what appeared to be handguns before fleeing with an undisclosed amount of what police called “loot”.

The venue was evacuated but visitors were later let back into the fair, which is attended by tens of thousands of people over several days. No one was hurt, 경찰은 말했다.

“A stall was raided, they fled and we started the search,” said Wim Coenen, a spokesperson for Limburg province police. “There were four suspects, two were arrested.”

Dutch media said the display case contained diamond jewellery and other items from the London jeweller Symbolic & Chase. There was no comment from the company.

Police confirmed in a statement that “jewellery was stolen,"추가: “Additional details about the loot are not being provided at this time.”

Officers launched a huge search involving a helicopter and sniffer dogs and shortly after arrested the two men, 늙은 22 과 26.

“These two persons were driving a grey vehicle with a Belgian registration number. This car was pulled over … Their possible involvement is still under investigation,"라고 말했다.

The art fair is one of the biggest in Europe and features hundreds of works, including a 17th-century drawing by a Dutch old master on sale for €1m (£860,000).

Videos on social media showed the four men – all wearing flat caps, glasses and smart blazers – amid scenes of chaos at the art fair. One struck the jewellery case at least 12 times while burglar alarms wailed. He finally smashed through the glass, reaching in to pick up something before putting it into a bag.

Two of the men brandished what appeared to be weapons at a bystander, who tried to intervene using a large glass vase full of flowers before backing off. The men then ran off past a bemused elderly man who had sat nearby on a bench throughout the drama.

One visitor, Jos Stassen, told the Dutch public broadcaster NOS he had gone to the exhibition on Tuesday to look at the art in peace.

“I suddenly heard a lot of noise and I turn around and suddenly saw those men,”그는 말했다. “One started beating and the others kept people away, scared everyone. I also saw a weapon. It went very fast and it lasted a very short time but I’m still shaking a little bit.”

The fair’s general manager, Bart Drenth, said the owners of the smashed booth were “very shocked”, the Dutch news agency ANP reported. He said the fair’s security protocol worked well despite the fact the armed robbers were able to walk in, 첨가: “The police were on the scene within minutes.”

A Tefaf spokesperson added in a statement that its “security teams worked quickly to disarm an offender,"추가: “Nobody was injured during the incident.”

The phrase “Peaky Blinders” trended on social media in the Netherlands after the raid because the caps worn by the suspects resembled those in the British crime drama of the same name.

It is not the first time the fair has been targeted by criminals. A ring and a diamond necklace worth €860,000 belonging to a London jeweller were stolen at the exhibition in 2011.

The Netherlands has also experienced a string of art thefts, with paintings by Van Gogh and Frans Hals taken in burglaries in 2020.

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