‘These aren’t my real teeth!': seven readers on their scariest and silliest homemade Halloween costumes

I wore this look to a Halloween house party in 2004 – it took me about two months to grow the sideburns. I have no idea what my work colleagues thought I was doing with my facial hair, but I never cared. I based the plaid shirt on Teen Wolf, or An American Werewolf in London, and the teeth, ears and eyebrows weren’t my own. It was a great party: Ghostbusters, witches, the Joker and the devil also turned up. I’m not sure I was the scariest character at the party; it was style over substance, but I’m pleased to say I didn’t wake up in the local zoo. dave, IT worker, Hereford

This is probably the most terrifying Halloween costume my husband ever constructed for our eldest daughter. They christened it the Eater of Dreams. The costume was lovingly hand-crafted using papier-mache, a balloon and an old shirt, and was entirely a product of his imagination (he says he was improvising), although the result is certainly worthy of a creepy horror movie. Our daughter was six at the time and we took her trick or treating in Berlin where we live. People on the street who caught sight of her were definitely freaked out! Clare, writer and creative writing lecturer, Berlino

My all-time favourite costume is Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. I’ve been dressing up as him every Halloween for eight or nine years. The reaction from people coming to my door for trick or treating is so good. Some people run away, others just laugh. Some even like to take selfies, which is always a lot of fun. I think more people in Australia should embrace this fun time of the year. Halloween is my Christmas. I love everything about it. Michael O’Brien, care worker, Tasmania

I am a huge Halloween fan and have always been into horror and gore. I love transforming myself into something unrecognisable. This costume was based on a scene from Alien Resurrection. I made the head using a bike helmet as a base and covered it with wire, tape and liquid latex. The eyes were some lenses from an old pair of sunglasses and the rest of the face was made from liquid latex and cotton wool. Come sempre, it was a last minute rush to get it finished, so it didn’t exactly have the finesse I had dreamed of, but it was still kind of hilarious and scary. I love a niche costume and I don’t think a single person knew what I was, but I still spent the night freaking people out. I could barely see a thing as the eyes kept steaming up. I also struggled to fit through doors due to the wide cardboard base, but that’s the price you pay. Laura, china decorator, Bristol

Halloween 2020 was our first time out during the pandemic. This was a bridesmaid dress that I bought for £6 in a secondhand shop; I dyed it black and added some pompoms. I also got a yellow shirt from a charity shop and an old pink wig from the attic. I put on makeup and hit the streets of Wood Green with my husband, the walking dead. It was such fun. Alejandro Allueva, pastry chef, Londra

Alcuni anni fa, I committed to Maleficent and now I get kids come to our front yard to see her every Halloween. I’ve worn this set of horns every year for what seems an eternity. The costume is a mashup of outfits. I bought some black clothes and sewed or glued on the feathers. Small kids are suitably taken aback, asking if it’s my real house, my real hat and my real face. Some won’t even come near the gate. Selina McGrath, artist, Sydney, Australia

I love creating my Halloween looks out of things I already have or can find in charity shops. They’re always unique, cost less and are better for the environment. My favourite was a sea creature from 2019. It took weeks, and I enjoyed every part of the process. I checked eBay constantly for the perfect lacy blue-grey dress, and collected lots of shells from a beach in Tenby to adorn it with. They stank out the kitchen, but it was worth it! I also made a crown with more shells, and fashioned fins using wire, mesh and liquid latex. My favourite part, anche se, was the makeup. I wanted something that was a bit spooky, but also kind of glam – like if Lana Del Rey were a beached sea-hag princess. Jodie Pride, marketing manager, Cardiff

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