The war on woke is a war on decency

I too have been struggling to understand the word “woke”, but one word used by Nesrine Malik (The right is winning the culture war because its opponents don’t know the rules, 19 7月) has now nailed it for me: “decency”. The war on woke is a war on decency. And a useful contribution to the war effort would surely be to call it out as such at every opportunity.
David Webber
Warrington, Cheshire

The Cornish hedge, described so beautifully by Carey Davies (国の日記, 19 7月), is always under threat – from enlarging fields, traffic on narrow lanes and housing developments. Miles of this national treasure have been lost.
John Branfield
Mingoose, コーンウォール

Re the importance of handwashing, I had a similar experience to Shayne Mary Mitchell (手紙, 16 7月): a small washbasin at the entrance to a restaurant, インドで 50 数年前. What a good idea it was, 私は思った. I often wonder what some Indian restaurateurs in Britain think when customers sit down and eat without first washing their hands.
Bill Neill
Askernish, Outer Hebrides

When I worked for the BBC, we had network printers everywhere and each print job came with a separator sheet with an abbreviation of your login name. Mine appeared out of printers labelled “Christ” (手紙, 18 7月).
Chris Thompson

I once saw an ad in the local paper offering two tickets for the London attraction Madam Two Swords.
Ralph Jones
Rochester, Kent




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