The party’s over. Now Boris Johnson’s career should be too

It used to be “follow the money”, but nowadays it’s follow the emails (Leaked email about drinks event at No 10 explodes Johnson’s defences, 10 January). For Partygate, like Watergate, the cynical deceit of the cover-up matches the arrogant stupidity of the initial offence. A hundred people got invitations to the “bring your own booze” party, but until now none thought to make this public. They stayed silent even when, responding to the press conference mockery, Boris Johnson did his Captain Renault impersonation, pretending to be “shocked” that any of his staff made light of lockdown restrictions. Presumably it will have to be a limousine rather than a Nixonian helicopter, but one lives in hope of a similar outcome.
Dr Colin J Smith
West Kirby, Wirral

Is it my imagination that during the pandemic Boris Johnson has attended more unlawful gatherings than he has Cobra meetings? Is he seeking to rebrand his party as the Conservative party party party?
David Caleb
Ealing, London

Cut the PM some slack. He probably went to so many parties that he genuinely can’t remember whether he was at this one or not.
Dave Hanson

I see that the Daily Express’s front-page headline on Tuesday was “Enough Boris!”. Normally I would complain pedantically about the missing comma, but this time I have to say they’ve got it dead right.
Mark Miller
Kendal, Cumbria

Thanks to Muriel and Christopher Nankivell (Letters 10 January) for inspiring me to henceforth label homemade sliced bread for the freezer as “Johnson’s toast”.
Dennis Clegg
Maidstone, Kent

I’m intrigued that the Metropolitan police have previously said that they cannot act retrospectively on learning of various lockdown rule infringements perpetrated by Boris Johnson and his colleagues (20 May 2020: what was UK doing while No 10 aide organised a party?, 10 January). Arguably, 10 and 11 Downing Street are among the most heavily guarded spaces in the country; certainly uniformed police are always evident outside, with who knows how many other officers on duty inside.

Surely those police on duty during the party on 20 May 2020 (and, indeed, at all other alleged parties too) had the power to insist revellers leave forthwith and levy a fine on the party organisers? I’d be interested in these officers’ recollections of said events and the actions they took, including who they reported the issues to, as well as any email evidence from their superiors that may explain exactly what led to them so conveniently failing to tackle a breach of the law happening right under their noses.
Lynne Hammond
Mundesley, Norfolk

Hard work justifies a party, according to the Tory MP Michael Fabricant. Does anyone in government understand the concept of hard work? NHS staff have apparently managed to get through the pandemic without illegal parties. They’re probably too exhausted. The numerous leaks about partying in No 10 during lockdowns suggests that it is endemic – if they can’t curtail it during lockdowns, what is going on the rest of the time?
Sue Edwards
Sidmouth, Devon




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